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Thursday, June 16, 2016

[Instiz] All of 4minute unfollow Hyuna on Instagram

Instiz: All of the 4minute members unfollow Hyuna on Instagram


"They only unfollowed Hyuna? They didn't unfollow other members too?"
- Yup
- I checked and they only unfollowed Hyuna ㅠㅠ

"What's going on..."

"Hul, did something happen?"

"Hul...? So was there something going on between the members..."

"Was there a reason for them to unfollow her???"

"I think there were some issues with their company rather than personal issues with Hyuna.. and maybe they're expressing that by unfollowing Hyuna ㅠㅠ why..."

"Were they just a business relationship?"
- But they were famous for being so close

"Hul the other four are still following each other... what's going on ㅠㅠ"

"Whatever the reason, they're going to get backlash if they act like this against one person. You can't make it obvious like this... it's what happened to T-ara."

"It wouldn't be an issue if they all unfollowed each other but only unfollowing Hyuna causes bad rumors ㅠㅠ"

"I personally don't understand celebrities who cause rumors by unfollowing Instagrams when they know that people are going to start noticing and talking.. did they HAVE to do it right now?.."

"I think it's the only form of expression the members have right now.. we haven't seen any articles with direct quotes from them since news of the disbandment. It looks like they don't have a place to talk."

"I think I would've unfollowed her too. The group was disbanded because it wasn't making an income and the company favored Hyuna by keeping her because she does bring in an income and for her to just say yes to that while the rest of us are being kicked out... doesn't matter how close you are at that point, she agreed to the disbandment of the group and I think she partly influenced the decision behind it too. What if she had actually took a stand against the disbandment?"

"They knew that unfollowing her at once would be controversial, especially with fans watching... They should've said something with words instead of acting like this."



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