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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Fans unsatisfied with YG's 1+1 group debuts?

Source: TV Report via Naver

1. [+5,573, -80] I don't think YG benefited at all out of the Winner + iKON deal. Rather than synergizing together, all it served was to pit fandoms against each other by comparing how YG treated the each of them, fostering even more jealousy. It would be better to just put one whole group out and split them into units later... but of course Yang CEO is as stubborn as ever.

2. [+4,212, -65] 1+1 groups never help each other at all. They end up being compared to each other instead and causing fandom fights.

3. [+2,579, -42] So when's this second girl group going to debut then?

4. [+2,880, -164] Winner and iKON both have infinite potential for growth as long as YG steps it up and does their jobs. 

5. [+477, -4] Yang Hyun Suk, please wake up and just focus your attention on Black Pink before releasing another rookie group. Stop pissing fans off with this Who's Next stuff, please.

6. [+469, -7] Normally you have to cross debut male and female idol groups to prevent fan wars. Both SM and JYP have been doing it that way but of course Disgusting Hyun Suk is an attention wh*re and has to do things differently, which I don't understand...

7. [+459, -6] There's nothing 'strategic' about this at all, just shows that YG doesn't know what they're doing;;

8. [+421, -5] YG's strategy is failing. Winner and iKON both could've done well if they received separate but full support with proper plans but it was a fail! I feel so bad whenever I see the state Winner and iKON are in right now. I hope Yang Hyun Suk is seriously reflecting over this.

9. [+299, -2] Please stop overlapping promos with your own groups...

10. [+236, -8] It's going to be a Winner/iKON situation version two. YG has so much funds to work with but they don't know what to do with it. Fans just get more and more disappointed. 

11. [+224, -5] YG's the worst at their jobs lately out of the top 3 agencies

12. [+212, -4] These 1+1 groups usually never work out... EXO was half half at first too until fans started complaining about wanting a whole group because Xiumin was always in China and they never got to see them so they made the group whole again after the Chinese members left. And Winner and iKON may be close as members but their fans are always competing and fighting against each other. If the two groups had nothing to do with each other, fans would support their labelmates but having them so close in connection just forces comparisons and fights with the fans.

13. [+188, -2] YG's at it again... looks like they don't see how bad the relationship is between Winner and iKON fans



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