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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Fans campaign on SNS for Park Yoochun

Source: Newsen via Daum

'believe6002', 'yoochunprotectionsquad', 'webelieveinyoochun'

1. [+1,348, -26] If you're a real fan, you'd be helping him more by staying quiet... you're just going to get backlash by acting like this.

2. [+1,082, -21] Just stay quiet. The more you fans act up like this, the more people are going to be reminded of the scandal. Can't believe he took 10 years to build his career only to drop it all in 3 days. The downfall of arrogance.

3. [+1,078, -31] Those fans are so thoughtless and disgusting. Campaigning for what? I refuse to watch any of his dramas anymore. If he has any shame at all, I hope he passes on romcoms or melodramas. How can viewers focus on the drama when he's known for such a thing?

4. [+421, -8] I guess they still like him even after catching him doing it with a prostitute in a bathroom

5. [+302, -4] Do they think they're helping him? All it's doing is drawing more attention to the scandal

6. [+275, -3] What exactly do they 'believe' in him? ㅋㅋ Everything's been unveiled and out in the open. Do they really not see how dirty this man is?

7. [+262, -5] Idiots tsk tsk

8. [+208, -2] Campaign for him all you want, he'll be known as Toilet Yoochun from now on...

9. [+140, -1] As a fan, you should admit to the mistake and reflect with him ㅋㅋ how can you defend a public service soldier going to a room salon and getting into all these scandals? What are you campaigning for you? Crazies, shut up and reflect.

10. [+133, -1] And this is why fangirls are called stupid



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