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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Actor Kim Sung Min passes away two days after suicide

Article: Actor Kim Sung Min confirmed brain dead... family agrees to donate organs

Source: Yonhap News via Nate

1. [+653, -20] I was waiting for news of the opposite... Can't imagine how his family must feel having to agree to donate his organs right now...

2. [+539, -28] I'll never be able to forget the tears and passion he showed on 'Qualifications of Men'

3. [+514, -15] Sigh

4. [+65, -1] I met him once as his staff member and found him to be such a humorous and warm person. I wanted him to be a long living, long loving actor... how unfortunate. I still remember when he put his hand out for me when I fell over on set... thank you.

5. [+57, -4] Even during his last steps here on earth, he leaves in such pain. What a poor, pitiful person. Please live without worry in a better place.

6. [+54, -2] I find life to be a mental battle. A battle with yourself. Everyone has a heavy burden of pain and it's ultimately up to you to withstand it or let it go. You are the only one who decides whether you live or die. How heartbreaking.


Source: Naver

1. [+6,795, -172] I'm a neighbor who lives in his apartment. I bumped into him a few times and he always looked so nice that I supported him. This news is so unfortunate. His wife seemed like such a good person too... find strength.

2. [+5,272, -67] Rest peacefully in heaven. Thank you for your acting all along...

3. [+4,583, -65] May he rest in peace... and I hope his family finds strength.

4. [+4,354, -58] Such a young life... although I'm sure he took it because of his own difficulties

5. [+979, -17] It's a shame that he had to fall into drugs at the peak of his popularity when he was on 'Qualifications of Men'... if he had not done drugs, he would've been even more popular by now with his popularity.

6. [+932, -17] If you think there's something wrong, please go see a psychologist. It is a way of saving your life... just like how you'd go to the hospital if you were sick.

7. [+780, -8] Sure he did drugs but he was such a good person...



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