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Monday, May 9, 2016

Wonder Girls to comeback this summer

Article: [Exclusive] Wonder Girls to comeback this summer with their first self-composed title track since debut 9 years ago

Source: X Sports News via Naver

1. [+1,300, -52] Wonder Girls fighting!!

2. [+1,225, -144] Probably the group that lost the most out of all the singers who tried it in America... how unfortunate

3. [+836, -33] Supporting you, Wonder Girls!

4. [+669, -35] Wonder Girls jjang, can't wait!!!

5. [+186, -13] It's already been 9 years... I feel so old

6. [+173, -10] I used to think they were your average idols before listening to Reboot but changed my mind after

7. [+110, -4] Their Reboot album and Ha:tfelt all had good songs~ I still listen to them every day. I never actually cared about them at their peak but I've been waiting for their comeback because their recent songs are good.

8. [+87, -4] At my age now, it doesn't feel like liking an idol group anymore but rather looking at that nuna you had a crush on when you were younger and seeing what they're up to now

9. [+89, -6] The comeback of the queens

10. [+63, -4] Wonder Girls fighting~



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