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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Why are more and more idols turning to producing their own music?

Article: Idols who make solo debuts, why do they challenge themselves with composing their music?

Source: OSEN via Naver

1. [+4,536, -113] Probably because the royalties are pretty sweet

2. [+4,231, -66] Because if they successfully compose a song, they can rid themselves of the idol title and call themselves a talented musician...

3. [+3,242, -57] The lifespan of idols are short but once you're successful as a solo, it increases the lifespan of your career by a lot

4. [+2,975, -87] G-Dragon makes 800 million won in royalties a year. It's worth trying for most idols.

5. [+2,198, -103] Probably to let the public get a proper judgment of their skill...?

6. [+304, -30] I personally feel like Taeyeon and GD would make enough money to live happily on their own if they ever left their groups

7. [+220, -8] Because if you start making your own royalties, you can live off of that even when your group flops

8. [+254, -25] Another article to include Jessica and promote her in for no reason

9. [+191, -8] It's a way to prepare themselves after seeing what's happened to the first generation idol groups. A lot of them ended up having nothing for themselves after the groups disbanded... Most of Big Bang have solo careers going and SNSD seem to be preparing their own careers too, like Taeyeon... a group can't last forever, you're only an idol if you're young..

10. [+189, -12] Anyone can compose or write their own music, it's just a matter of who can make any songs with actual depth to them

11. [+147, -10] What's the point of saying you can produce your own songs when they're not even good

12. [+112, -7] I hate the notion that you can't be considered a real artist if you don't produce your own songs. We have legends like Lee Sun Hee and Lee Mi Ja who sing songs produced by others. I think the quality of the final product is more important than who created it...



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