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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Seolhyun and Jimin issue apologies for their history controversy

Article: AOA Jimin and Seolhyun apologize over Ahn Joong Geun controversy "We are deeply reflecting"

Source: Starin via Naver

1. [+10,0441, -194] They know more than anyone else just how much of an influence their group has... It makes me tear up to think what their Japanese fans will think of them. Seolhyun's a model for voting and public service ads too.. Please be more aware of these things. This isn't something that an apology will just make go away, you need to feel embarrassed about yourselves... It makes me so angry to think that the Japanese are probably laughing at us now.

2. [+9,188, -160] I can understand not knowing because they were kids who took idol training over studying but for them to be on TV laughing as if it's okay to not know about history at all and all an important historical figure Kindokkang and Toyotomi Hideyoshi is just wrong and ridiculous.

3. [+8,036, -121] Can't believe she called him Kindokkang... I know that they don't have time to study but too many lines have been crossed ㅋㅋ

4. [+7,261, -170] I wonder if they're even reflecting at all...

5. [+6,871, -128] Seolhyun's a public service model too, what an embarrassment

6. [+2,090, -49] Please kick them from being promotional ambassadors... what an embarrassment

7. [+1,958, -42] I wonder if they even know that the person they joked about put his life on the line to assassinate Ito and was killed in prison himself. They're probably just thinking instead, "Damn we got caught in another scandal, how do we put this to rest"... If you really are sorry, you'd study and pass the Korean history exam.

8. [+1,722, -22] As the saying goes, if the water is shallow, the bottom will be revealed fast.

9. [+1,671, -45] Looks like someone wrote that apology for them


Source: Nate

1. [+738, -29] It's okay to be dumb but you cannot call Ahn Joong Geun, someone who sacrificed himself for our independence, Kindokkang.

2. [+726, -35] I honestly hope that they are genuinely embarrassed and reflecting over this. The reason we are able to live happy lives like we are now is because of the sacrifices made by people like him. Please don't get too hurt and overcome it but also study up hard on your history too!

3. [+677, -35] So wrong... but please study hard and show us another image

4. [+55, -20] Too late, Jimin-ah... It doesn't matter how dumb you are, how do you call him Kindokkang? It just proved that your brain is absolutely empty... please think before you speak next time, it made me so mad hearing you say that..

5. [+23, -2] There's dumb and then there's too dumb like this... if you don't know him, why even call him Kinddokkang? The absolute epitome of stupidity.


Source: Nate

1. [+260, -15] Just in case they don't know what 'martyr' means either since they don't know who 'martyr Ahn Joong Geun' is, it's not the word 'doctor' okay? (TN: both share the same word 'uisa')

2. [+234, -14] If you really are reflecting, go study up on your basic knowledge

3. [+201, -18] Let's not forget, Song Joong Ki's ideal woman is a realistic woman

4. [+32, -6] As if they're reflecting at all! You're telling us to accept an apology they scribbled on SNS? Talk about our independence fighters rolling in their graves right now. If they really are sorry, apologize to the entire nation or leave the industry for good.

5. [+26, -3] The fact that they still didn't know him after hearing the hint Ito Hirobumi means that they don't even know who he is at all. They should've been embarrassed enough to ask the cameras to stop rolling but instead they were joking around saying Kinddokkang, Toyotomi Hideyoshi... that's what was even more shocking to me. I'm so scared that this scandal is going to reach Japan since AOA has been promoting there.

6. [+24, -4] They totally gave the Japanese bait to laugh at us. F*ck off.

7. [+20, -0] It's embarrassing enough to be that dumb but they should've known better than to joke around about people who clearly sacrificed their lives for us. Please reflect over your attitudes.

8. [+20, -1] There are a lot of smart idols but too bad you two also made the public realize how dumb they can be too. Sure, I can understand 100 times over genuinely not knowing the name but for you to try and be funny and call him Kinddokkang? Uncalled for. Stupid b*tch thought that was appropriate as a joke? Makes me swear just thinking about it.

9. [+19, -1] As if they're reflecting. It's just more media play from their agency ㅋㅋ

10. [+19, -2] It's dumb kids like them who become moms and whose children screw up the future of our country



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