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Friday, May 6, 2016

[Pann] Taeyeon and GD?

Pann: New stuff on GD and Taeyeon

1. [+690, -113] There are way too many things overlapping though. This was the same with Taengkyung. I guess Taeyeon's the type who has to show off that she's in a relationship?

2. [+531, -198] GD could do better

3. [+460, -67] Both of them are known lovebirds with their last relationships so

4. [+170, -8] Taeyeon took the alien filter selca first on a famous app called Snapchat and coincidentally Kwon Jiyong used the same filter for his selca a couple hours later. Other than that, there's nothing that overlaps. Taeyeon rarely wears that ring on the regular and GD has so many different rings that I bet you can hook him up with any female celebrity if that was the only evidence needed. That 'work work' video is from Tiffany's snapchat and the song is popular enough that I'm sure SNSD or GD or anyone listens to it often.

5. [+167, -99] Poor VIPs, stuck with an old attention seeking daughter-in-law like her..

6. [+148, -21] Who knows, this post might be used as evidence later if it ever comes out as true..

7. [+103, -4] Tiffany was the one who uploaded that snapchat, not Taeyeon... she's just dancing to a popular song, all of the other Soshi members danced to it too

8. [+92, -6] GD's 'work' video is super old too

9. [+66, -53] Attention wh*re ♡ Attention wh*re

10. [+45, -1] Yoona dances in that video too which was uploaded by Tiffany, stop trying to force evidence where there isn't any



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