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Sunday, May 8, 2016

[Pann] Fans discover Seventeen Wonwoo's past as an SNSD anti?

Pann: Collection of past posts made by Seventeen's Wonwoo

Someone who went to the same elementary school as Wonwoo (proof shots provided) connected the posts he left in their class's cafe to his Naver account and allegedly found a bunch anti SNSD posts he made when he was younger.

Comments such as:

"SNSD is the trash of the singing industry~!"

"Can't even tell who's who in this pre-plastic surgery photo of SNSD ㅎㅎ" (photoshopped pre-debut pictures of SNSD)

"ㅋㅋㅋ So much plastic surgery, the side effects of her plastic surgery causes her to flare her nostrils too big" (screencap of Sunny)

"Taeyeon's not afraid of antis it seems.. ㅎㅎ" (picture of Taeyeon with eyes and lips circled)

"Ow my eyes~~~" (on a picture of pre-debut vs post-debut Jessica)

Pictures he uploaded/shared:


1. [+114, -12] There are a lot more than just this, especially one where he calls Taeyeon a r*tard and other harsh words.

2. [+112, -291] As if there's one person in our country who hasn't once hated on EXO or SNSD. If a group's popular, they're going to get hate; I think because everyone else was hating on SNSD, he was young and just copied them too. Wrong to hate on him for that..

3. [+112, -7] He called SNSD the trash of the music industry ㅋㅋㅋ

4. [+82, -8] None of the Seventeen fans should shield this and just wait for the company to give feedback. If all of this is true, then Wonwoo is in the wrong and he needs to apologize for it so fans need to please stay quiet. And people, please only hate on Wonwoo's posts as an elementary school student, not who he is today. He might have grown to be a different person today.

5. [+67, -48] This is ridiculous, if the Seventeen fandom was any bigger, they'd be the worst fandom in the world. Even if he was an elementary school student at the time, he wrote all these hateful things about a huge senior and somehow he should be allowed to get away with it because he was young? Then why don't you let Taeyong get away with it too? He was obviously at an age where being a tryhard was "cool", no? As a Sone of 10 years and a former Seventeen fan, it makes me sick to know that he talked that way about my favorite singers. I thought Wonwoo was just this calm kid but to find that he was a keyboard trash talker like this ㅋㅋ

6. [+46, -109] If the posts were made in 2008, then Wonwoo was in elementary school and 2008 was also when SNSD was getting tons of hate. Everyone hated on SNSD at the time and they even had a 10 minute at Dream Concert going on... so maybe he was just going with the flow without knowing uch.

7. [+44, -3] As a Sone, this angers me so much. So he participated in one of SNSD's most tortured years of 2008.

8. [+36, -0] How can you claim that all elementary school students are like him when there are posts by his own classmates telling hi to stop? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ And despite them telling him to stop, he kept writing more hateful comments (screencap of classmates saying, "Why are you posting stuff like this?", "Yah, you can stop this now")

9. [+32, -3] I hope karma gets him. in 9 years, imagine finding out that your own junior did anti stuff against you ^^

10. [+26, -0] As a Seventeen fan, Wonwoo is in the wrong.. it's undeniable and the majority of our fandom has no intention of shielding him. We are currently calling Pledis and requesting feedback.



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