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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

On the Charts: Tiffany's 'I Just Wanna Dance'

Article: Tiffany's solo off to a successful start... #1 on 6 digital charts

Source: News 1 via Naver

1. [+1,139, -241] Synth pop is not that well known in Korea so it's good to see her going with something out of the ordinary and even composing her own songs too

2. [+986, -216] The public isn't used to the synth pop genre yet so I think it's cool that she still tried something out of the box

3. [+942, -213] She didn't go with something easy and public friendly but an album is representative of her style. I feel like the album itself is very Tiffany-like.

4. [+822, -190] 'Once In a Lifetime' is a good song

5. [+271, -63] I always knew her as the SNSD member who likes clothes and works hard on looking pretty but watching her on 'Slam Dunk' has changed my impression of her. I never knew she was such a passionate person. I've become a fan~ you have my support.

6. [+239, -59] Cool to see her try the pop genre she's always wanted to

7. [+208, -49] She could've gone with your average hook song but she didn't. I'm glad that her attempt at something new is translating into good results. I like that her song isn't the same old we've been hearing.

8. [+184, -47] 'Once In a Lifetime' is so good, I have it on repeat~



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