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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Minzy writes a handwritten letter to her fans

Article: "Thank you, I was happy" Gong Minzy confesses feelings with a handwritten letter

Source: Dispatch via Naver

1. [+2,307, -80] Sigh... I really hate Park Bom... They used to be one of the top girl groups, why'd she have to go and ruin it for them and shovel sh*t into her own group like that? Poor maknae Minzy was stuck in an indefinite hiatus, I'm sure she was under a lot of pressure... I hope she does well as a solo now.

2. [+1,782, -75] I don't think there's going to be another group like 2NE1 that gives you that fresh type of shock that they did;;;

3. [+1,581, -29] Good luck, Gong Minzy...

4. [+1,097, -23] Minzy unni, I wish you luck as a solo

5. [+758, -25] 2NE1 will last forever in my memories

6. [+228, -30] She's still so young and yet her unnis are a mess... from drugs to plastic surgery addiction to obsessed with America ㅡㅡ without realizing that the luxury products they're wearing from head to toe was bought with the love of the public... Should've taken care of their maknae better, been more humble, instead of being so selfish. The fans they have left are about to leave at this rate...

7. [+147, -4] I always felt so bad for her. She was so talented when she first debuted and always worked hard to practice and rehearse. You can hear her hard work shine in 2NE1's songs. I am genuinely grateful that she was once a 2NE1 member... truly.

8. [+135, -3] She was the true multi-entertainer... fighting in the future.

9. [+112, -4] Sad that this had to happen to my favorite group but I support her. I completely understand her decision to leave.

10. [+103, -1] One member had to ruin it for them all... I wish we could go back to the days Park Bom was eating corn on 2NE1 TV ㅠㅠ I really loved 2NE1 back then...



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