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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Lee Jung Soo criticized for inappropriate jokes about daughter

Article: Lee Jung Soo reprimanded by netizens for inappropriate joke with daughter "I'll give you self-confidence"

Source: Seoul News via Nate

"I was worried after seeing Liye sleep on her front that she might live without self-confidence in the future. So while at the ball pool in the kids' cafe today, I put in some self-confidence for her ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ Liye-ya, are you grateful?!!!"

"Liye still sleeps on the cold floor like that. Even while sleeping in her room, she's come out to the living room to sleep like this. Now that I think of it, she always sleeps on her front on the hard floor like this. I wonder... will that make her chest flat later? It makes me worry. She's still a girl, after all... I want her to grow with self-confidence."

"It seems some of the jokes I made about Liye have become slightly controversial. I'd like to apologize first to the people I made uncomfortable. I know there are some who know who I am in person and thought but I try harder than anyone else in time and effort to be a good husband and father. The fact that this was controversial at all comes as a shock to me but I will be more careful in the future to prevent more controversies. Once agan, I apologize to the people I upset."


1. [+2,485, -268] I was shocked by the pictures... why would he do that to his own kid...

3. [+2,153, -222] From the perspective of a daughter, it doesn't matter how good of a father you are when you make jokes like this, it's not fun at all

3. [+1,701, -456] At this rate, we should sue all the grandmas and ajummas and ajusshis for sexual harassment too... "Aigoo my baby let me see your gochu" (Older Koreans will often joke with a baby boy to see his penis and pretend to pick it and eat it because penis and pepper/gochu share the same word)

4. [+361, -10] Aren't most parents worried about their kid getting sick from sleeping on the cold floor when they see their kid sleeping like that..... And yet he's more worried about her chest growing flat;;;;;;

5. [+288, -6] I don't think it's his jokes that are the problem but the fact that he keeps talking about self-confidence as if it's funny when it's not ㅋㅋ it's wrong of a parent to openly talk about the size of their own daughter or son's private parts on SNS like that ㅋㅋㅋ

6. [+287, -25] Gross... he calls that a joke?

7. [+263, -6] Putting play balls in her clothes was unnecessary... why is he so concerned with the size of his daughter's breast size? However she grows, she's his daughter... so what if they grow small?

8. [+236, -16] He's practically sexually harassing her... he's out of his mind

9. [+221, -6] I wonder what his daughter would think later when she sees it as an adult? Would she laugh it off as a joke too?

10. [+196, -9] His daughter is clearly still a baby, why does he keep holding it to the standards of a grown woman's body? If some other man kept talking about how flat your daughter's chest was like that, wouldn't you punch her? I wonder what he'd think if a mother said she was going to give her son some self-confidence and filled his pants with play balls, would he call that funny too?

11. [+188, -10] If my son did this to my daughter, I would never let him get away with it. I don't get how a father with a daughter can think like this.

12. [+154, -4] Disgusting that he can do this to his own daughter



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