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Monday, May 2, 2016

IOI's 'Dream Girls' MV teaser is too similar to SNSD's 'ITNW'?

Article: IOI's MV under controversy for similarities to SNSD's 'ITNW' "We only matched it to the lyrics"

Source: Herald Pop via Nate

1. [+328, -32] I can understand the concept being similar but there are a few scenes that are way too exact like the stair dance scene, all down to the angle. I think that's why people are saying something about it.

2. [+323, -40] 'ITNW' is your textbook girl group song that even Yoo Hee Yeol praised. SNSD has such a big influence on current girl groups that I don't think it's easy to avoid overlapping concepts. Twice's cheerleader concept was compared to SNSD's 'Oh!' last time too. I'm sure IOI's song is different enough, although I can't help but think the MV producer lacks any creativity considering how he used even the same screen angles for some of the scenes.

3. [+250, -34] I guess I wasn't the only one who thought it was similar to the 'ITNW' MV

4. [+33, -34] The concept is so common though to call it plagiarism;

5. [+31, -5] It really is similar to 'ITNW', especially the individual themes of the members

6. [+29, -10] Everyone kept calling it the same so I went in with a grain of salt but they really do look the same ㅋㅋㅋ Hyoyeon and Yoona's scenes were straight up copied

7. [+29, -4] Chungha's scene is way too similar...

8. [+20, -5] I understand concepts being limited but the MV shows elements of plagiarism, especially with the angles that were used... I get that this group is over 10 months but you shouldn't go around copying everything.

9. [+19, -1] Their agency is so careless, SM YG or even JYP should've managed this group

10. [+12, -5] It doesn't even look like they put a lot of effort into the teaser



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