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Saturday, May 7, 2016

Former groupmates Jessica and Tiffany battle it out as solo singers this month

Article: Once labelmates, Tiffany and Jessica are now head to head as solos

Source: Segye Ilbo via Nate

1. [+473, -75] Don't bother, Jessica. It's like she's only releasing this solo because she's lost everything else now.

2. [+408, -61] Jessica's been talking about her solo since March but kept dragging it out even with a teaser picture but only after Tiffany announced her solo, Jessica starts releasing hers too. It's clear that she's riding on Tiffany for the noise marketing. What a sly little designer she is. Stick to selling your clothes ㅋㅋㅋ the one you're offering autographed CDs for $300 worth for ㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+359, -59] Jessica dragged news of her solo for nearly two months until she finally put it out in time with Tiffany..

4. [+37, -9] Their images are so different ㅋㅋ Tiffany's so likable lately and I like her vocal color better. I saw the notes Tiffany took on 'Slam Dunk' and it gave me goosebumps... you could tell how long she's been preparing for this. Can't compare her to someone like Jessica who dabbled in designing before randomly deciding to come out with a solo.

5. [+32, -11] Tiffany wins

6. [+31, -13] Go Tiffany

7. [+27, -11] Tiffany wins by far

8. [+27, -8] Tiffany has a positive image whereas Jessica has done so many things that the public dislikes her for, the results will be obvious

9. [+19, -7] Jessica's waiting to release hers after Tiffany just so she can claim she beat her on the charts. She's testing the waters right now.

10. [+16, -5] Jessica released her teaser way before but kept postponing it until Tiffany released her solo date and now she's trying to come out a bit later so she can act like she's doing better.

11. [+16, -4] As if Jessica has a chance of doing well. Jessica has only made it this far because of Soshi... without Soshi, what success does she have?



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