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Monday, May 30, 2016

Fiestar comes back with 'Apple Pie'

Article: Fiestar cooks up a cute and sexy 'Apple Pie'

Source: Star News via Naver

1. [+344, -29] Let's get popular, Fiestar!

2. [+199, -23] You'll get the spotlight you deserve if you continue to work hard, fighting!!!

3. [+196, -23] The red head is so pretty, all of the members in this group are all pretty. Song's good too~ Fiestar fighting!

4. [+173, -18] This is their timing to get popular

5. [+141, -21] Jei's so pretty, I wish Loen would push her more ㅠㅠ

6. [+21, -2] I personally like Fiestar but their songs never seem to get anywhere... I do wish them luck though

7. [+19, -2] It's about time for them... Cao Lu and Yezi have gotten their names out there, they have the foundation to get popular... because if they keep going at this rate, they're going to be joining Hello Venus, Nine Muses, and Rainbow in the sinking ship

8. [+12, -0] Fiestar's songs when no one knew them were all good but their songs since Cao Lu and Yezi got popular haven't been as good

9. [+14, -1] Fiestar's 'Lady Bug' is my favorite song ㅠㅠ I wish they'd get some good songs, anything even on the level of Girlfriend would get them popular

10. [+10, -0] Loen please do your jobs right ㅠㅠ



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