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Thursday, May 12, 2016

April's Hyunjoo to halt activities due to respiratory issues

Article: April's Hyunjoo to halt activities due to respiratory problems "group will continue as 4" [official]

Source: OSEN via Nate

1. [+340, -43] Only found out there's a group named April today..

2. [+211, -9] This group's under DSP, eh? ㅋ

3. [+199, -32] Maybe she used the contaminated air filters?

4. [+17, -6] As someone who fell for the group because I loved their 'Tinkerbell' song, I'm so sad ㅠㅠ!!! April fighting, hope Hyunjoo gets better soon!!

5. [+14, -6] All of the April members are pretty

6. [+12, -0] This group is just one struggle after the other. Their oldest member left not too long ago and now they have a sick member...

7. [+10, -1] April's like that hidden gem that not many people know about... get better soon, Hyunjoo!!


Source: Naver

1. [+741, -15] I really wish agencies with young idols would stop overworking them! We are seeing too many articles about idols with health issues these days...

2. [+519, -25] On top of a member leaving, now they have a member who's sick... one bad luck after the other with this group. Promote healthy guys ㅜㅜ

3. [+362, -22] Hul Hyunjoo-ya, don't be sick.. ㅠㅠ

4. [+63, -5] Idols are so young that it's important to take preventative measures before stuff like this happens. DSP seems to take on more schedules than they can handle without realizing just how young these kids are.

5. [+51, -3] Aigoo.. she looks so frail too ㅜ get well soon



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