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Monday, April 11, 2016

TV: [Superman Returns] Viewers find Eugene and Ki Tae Young's Rohui segments boring

Article: 'Superman' are we watching a show about a baby or the parents play 'WGM'?

Source: Sports Chosun via Nate

1. [+1,211, -190] I think it's both the greed of the producers and the parents for putting a 10 month old baby on a variety show. She can't even mumble any words yet, it seems a bit much to be putting her through the stress of a film schedule already. And all Ki Tae Young and Eugene do are be lovey dovey like a couple on 'WGM'. They should've considered a different show, not this. It's great that the couple has a good relationship and they seem like good people too but they've made themselves the star of the show and their kid is just the extra. You would think they would've rejected the casting offer because their kid's so old but instead they're taking this 10 month old baby all over the place and making her suffer. Seo-eon and Seojun are different because they were the first twins on the show and viewers waited for three long years for them to finally learn to talk and they're probably the most adorable now than they've ever been but I think the show will be taken off air before Rohui even learns to talk. Please don't put kids on variety shows if they can't even mumble words yet.

2. [+1,202, -75] Yeah, yesterday's episode bothered me... the perfect premise for a couple on a Sunday night to get into a fight over by comparing their lives to the couple's; so unrealistic and displaced from reality...

3. [+1,012, -78] It's funny how some viewers keep telling us to wait, that the kid will grow up and start being cute and all ㅋㅋㅋ well there are a ton of other celebrity kids that already walk and talk and do cute things, we're not the parents, we shouldn't have to wait every week, every episode for the baby to grow up and do something. Producers should keep the minimum casting age to 2-3 years old next time.

4. [+112, -5] The couple just seems like they're too conscious of the camera... like they want to show off what a movie-like life they live

5. [+109, -17] It's the same reason why Tablo and Kang Hye Jung had to leave the show. They were playing 'WGM' more than focusing on the kid. My own friend who has a kid said the show makes her uncomfortable.

6. [+103, -5] Isn't the point of the show for the fathers to spend 48 hours without the mother? Viewers made such a fuss whenever Kang Hye Jung was with Haru but Eugene's on the show every episode and no one says anything. I honestly can't tell if this is a Ki Tae Young life story or a show about Rohui ... The only thing I remember about Rohui is just her in Ki Tae Young's arms, sleeping, or eating. At least Lee Bu Soo tries to experience different things with his kids, and you never even see Daebak's mother on the show ever. I don't get why viewers have to put up with a kid who does nothing. Sure she's young but that's not our problem. From Guam to yesterday's episode, it's all couple centered like that love confession event that Rohui wasn't even needed for.

7. [+101, -4] I thought something was wrong too... I guess a lot of people were thinking the same.

8. [+99, -4] You have to do as much as Daebak for viewers to enjoy watching the show... I'm a fan of the show but Rohui's family is so boring.

9. [+77, -2] I think the show gave up on the premise of fathers spending 48 hours without mothers a long time ago.

10. [+70, -7] Show's gotten so boring since the triplets and Sarang left

11. [+63, -1] They just want to show how lovey dovey they are as a couple... not sure why they even bothered putting a baby who doesn't know anything on the show to begin with. The parents are too greedy to show off what a happy life they live...

12. [+59, -3] I change the channel every time this family comes on, so boring



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