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Friday, April 15, 2016

Three new visuals to rival the original 'Suzy, Yoona, Dara' line

Article: Three new faces threaten the 'beauty one tops' of girl groups

Source: Sports Chosun via Daum

Original 3: Yoona, Suzy, Dara
Upcoming 3: Seolhyun, Hani, Tzuyu

1. [+325, -60] Personally, I think Hani should be left off the list

2. [+278, -53] This is no list for Hani

3. [+256, -51] None of them can match up to Sung Yuri and Eugene's beauty at their peak

4. [+90, -15] Hul~~~ Hani??? I've never seen anyone around me consider her pretty...

5. [+76, -11] Sandara has no presence so pass, Hani didn't get popular for her talents so pass

6. [+35, -3] I personally wish Tzuyu would learn some Korean;;; I don't think I've ever seen her talk on any show

7. [+48, -20] Yoona, Seolhyun, Suzy~~ all three are so pretty ^_^

8. [+35, -7] None of them can live up to Sung Yuri and Eugene's peak beauty... but the new kids do have better bodies probably because the food's better now

9. [+32, -8] I saw Seolhyun's bare face. She wouldn't even be considered pretty among commoners with that face. Seolhyun's all about the body but don't try to tell me that she has a pretty face.

10. [+42, -19] Seolhyun and Tzuyu for me

11. [+28, -8] Leave Hani out~~~ so sick of her after all that crying

12. [+15, -5] Tzuyu definitely does look the prettiest, probably because she's the youngest



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