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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

[Pann] YG is cheapening Kang Dong Won's image as an actor?

Pann: Yang CEO's promotion tactic for Kang Dong Won has thrown his image to Andromeda

"Kang Dong Won has been famous for managing his private life as strictly as possible since his debut. Pictures of his private life seldom come up unless uploaded by friends and they're usually pictures of him with other male friends. If it's with a woman, it's usually with a co-star or a company dinner. He has never had any scandals or malicious rumors all this time.

But after joining YG, he went on his first overseas schedule to America and over the past couple of days, there have been a shocking amount of picture releases. The point of the trip was for his 'Elle' photoshoot. In the entirety of his career, he's done tons of these photoshoots and he's always gone and came back as quietly as possible. But this time, from the moment he landed in America, pictures have been coming up of his whereabouts.

March 31st on CL's Instagram

Taken at a recordrecord label party, from this picture on, fans were in a state of ????? confusion. Kang Dong Won has never had his picture taken at any party or has ever taken any proof shots with other celebrities. Fans still tried to reason that he's under YG now and maybe he had to go for his labelmate.

But more proof pictures from the party the next day kept coming out, as seen on YG's official Tumblr:

You may think that these pictures are not a big deal but it is because Kang Dong Won has never shared such type of 'proof' or 'party' pictures throughout his career. He has been that careful with his image, which is why fans find these pictures unfamiliar.

Finally when Kang Dong Won began his shoot on April 1st, fans thought things quieted down until the 3rd when CL's dongsaeng uploaded a picture on her Instagram of herself, CL, and Kang Dong Won.

Both Korean and international fans went into a mental breakdown seeing Kang Dong Won not only on vacation with feale idols but sharing a beer with them.... Many were left feeling why???? why suddenly????

From all the things Kang Dong Won has showed us about managing his private life, things have become so drastically different since joining YG. Going to parties, going on vacation... obviously it's all his private life that fans have no right to comment on but he's an actor who has always separated his work and private life so it comes as a shock that he has allowed his private life to trickle into the public eye like this.

The public is just as confused, asking if Kang Dong Won has always been an actor with such type of pictures. CL might have earned promotion out of this with her proof shots with him but who knows what this is doing to Kang Dong Won's image?

One thing's for sure. Fans wanted YG to separate their management of idols and actors but with them linking the two up like this, Kang Dong Won's image is going the opposite of intentions."

1. [+264, -25] Ah seriously I hate this, I really hate this

2. [+224, -45] Kang Dong Won had a unique image all his own. He was the type of 'my way or the highway' kind of guy who was still a gentleman but a pursuant of what he thought was best. That image has shattered now. His biggest charm was what a simple and humble person he is on the inside despite his flashy looks. With YG releasing pictures of him like this, it just makes him look like every other average star that goes to parties and hangs out with girls. If this is the image YG wanted for Kang Dong Won, then I have nothing more to say.

3. [+197, -23] I'm so mad ㅠㅠ don't do this to our tuna oppa too

4. [+136, -4] Why is CL with him everywhere?

5. [+105, -5] If this is what Kang Dong Won wants, then I don't have a say... but his image and what made him special from the other actors is gone now. He used to be known for protecting his private life, not being on SNS, having that simple-minded lifestyle... it's all gone.

6. [+100, -2] He's with CL in all of them. And why is CL's little sister always with her when she's not even a celebrity?

7. [+93, -4] Kang Dong Won has always been praised not for his perfect looks but for his super clean lifestyle and strict management of himself. That image is worth so much on its own and I don't understand why YG is throwing that away.

8. [+93, -44] As long as Kang Dong Won is okay with it

9. [+92, -2] Kang Dong Won has kept so much of his private life private that people regarded him like a god of sorts ㅠㅠ YG has ruined that image...

10. [+57, -8] Honestly Kang Dong Won's at a status where he can say no if he doesn't want to be exposed in things like this. YG might be suggesting things but Kang Dong Won obviously went ahead and OK'd it... The public normally views movie stars and singers as people of two different worlds so maybe he wanted to go see what a music video shoot was like and stuff. CL, CL's dongsaeng, and the photographer probably wanted to show off by sharing his pictures that he was there but it's wrong to blame it all on YG.

11. [+39, -3] I've been a Kang Dong Won fan for 6 years and I honestly can't say I'm happy with this... He's always been known to vacation here and there but he's never been so public with pictures like this. I'm happy to see what he's up to but it feels weird as a fan. I was so mad when he said he was joining YG because I suspected something like this happening and well, here it is happening. His original image has been tarnished a bit...

12. [+31, -7] I get that fans are upset that he joined YG but aren't you being too sensitive? Saying that his image is "lost in Andromeda" only serves to further cut his image down even more;;; He moved agencies and he wants to get closer with his new labelmates, what's so wrong with taking a few pictures with them? His image isn't shattered just because a couple pictures of him with his labelmates is up on the internet now ㅡㅡ;



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