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Friday, April 1, 2016

[Pann] Comparison of Choiza's lyrics while dating Sulli vs dating his ex-girlfriend

Pann: The reason Choiza is really bad

The song he wrote and released while dating Sulli:

(Lyrics to 'Eat, Do It, Sleep')

But what makes him really bad is when he was dating his ex-girlfriend Han Jina, he wrote lyrics like this:

'Good Love'
You spread your wings and take me out of hell
You lend me your frail shoulders when I'm in need
You touch my hair with your small hands
You chase my insomnia away
You're like a firefighter who settles my fire
Any space you're not in turns into a cemetary for me
I can't stand being alone when I' not with you
You're like my parachute in a world that feels like I'm on edge
You're like my attic when I need a place to hide
If I'm a tree, then you're my flower
I'll face the darkness for you, all you need to do is bloom
I pray all the time for the best for you
I'll be there for you forever, put your head on my arm



1. [+685, -25] He's such a bstard; to a woman, dating any man like Choiza is the absolute worst thing you can do. I'm a man myself and I can see that Choiza took Sulli when she was naive and young and has her in the palm of his hands, manipulating her the way he wants. If he really loved her, he would never let her act the way she's acting on SNS right now.

2. [+525, -16] So he gave Han Jina love, what is he giving Sulli now, fck

3. [+346, -26] I just can't imagine what's going to happen if they ever break up...

4. [+312, -2] The lyrics to 'Eat, Do It, Sleep' seriously had not even an ounce of consideration for Sulli. But to the lyrics of 'Good Love', you can feel his genuine love for her...

5. [+294, -4] Sulli has learned that she has to appeal sexually to Choiza in order for him to love her. Probably because Choiza only reacted to her once she acted in that manner... there doesn't see to be any psychological connection between them more than that.

6. [+266, -138] Why does everyone act like Sulli's the victim? She's not some little kid who doesn't understand what's going on here. Obviously they're two people in love who are consenting to all of this since they're in a relationship ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

7. [+258, -5] Sulli's parents got divorced and she moved to Seoul on her own after becoming an SM trainee. Her mother remarried and had her brother. To Sulli, the only people around her are her co-workers and she's probably been lonely and in need of love. It's usually people like her who lack love from their parents that they end up dating older men... And Choiza obviously recognized the emptiness within her. Sulli needed a man to play both her boyfriend and her parent... but that's not what Choiza is. I'm a Choiza fan myself by the way but even I thought ill of him when he first got into a scandal with her. I can't stand Choiza anymore after seeing what he's done to Sulli. He really is a bstard...

8. [+251, -4] What a trashy bstard. If he knows that he completely ruined the future of a bright young girl, he should be sticking to lyrics like 'Good Love' while dating her but instead he's writing erotic fiction in his lyrics. What an utter bstard, he's the worst.

9. [+239, -4] I seriously wonder how he's 37 years old with this mentality. It's almost like he intentionally set out to demolish her life. This is going to follow her around for the rest of her life, how is he ever going to compensate her for that?

10. [+208, -1] Such a stark contrast in lyrics... when he's dating Sulli, he locks her up in the room and relieves his sexual desires on her.. but when he was dating Han Jina, they had the type of love that opened u his heart. What a bstard.

11. [+200, -2] Ugh, just look at the difference in his lyrics. You can tell just by reading 'Good Love' how much he adored her, and then you read his lyrics for Sulli and aigoo...

12. [+187, -5] Well it confirms that Choiza's true love was in 2008 with 'Good Love'... the trash should let Sulli go already and let her live her life.

13. [+184, -2] Good Love: "You're the flower of flowers, the scent of a spring day" Eat, Do It, Sleep: "My lips are a brush, your body is my canvas" he's trash

14. [+172, -2] Sulli had to suffer all of the sexual comments while Choiza enjoyed himself at her expense on TV and his lyrics... He doesn't take her seriously at all.

15. [+154, -2] No matter what anyone says, I still believe Sulli's sexual Instagram posts are influenced by Choiza



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