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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Netizens collect 10 million won to run ad opposing Lee Soo's musical casting

Article: Netizens spend 10 million won on TV ad petitioning against Lee Soo's 'Mozart' musical casting 

Source: Kuki News via Nate

1. [+2,549, -145] It's not an act of justice, it's merely musical fans voicing their opposition to a criminal trying to recover his career by using a musical as a stepping stone. Musical fans are hardcore when it comes to protecting their love for their work.

2. [+2,252, -123] Wow, musical fans are where the money's at

3. [+1,518, -251] It's amazing... but also seems useless... or is it just an act of justice?

4. [+334, -19] Better than thousands being donated to stupid online streamers

5. [+310, -21] People can spend their money however they want and they're choosing to spend it on a cause they feel worthy. I hope they're met with positive results... I really don't want to see him going through with this casting.

6. [+281, -11] It's always the first time that's the hardest. If this casting goes through, then it'll only be a matter of time before he's allowed on other stages too. If even 'Mozart' fans don't want him on the musical, shouldn't he be considering voluntarily leaving?

7. [+228, -12] While I was busting my butt and wasting two years of my life in the army, this guy was serving in public service while spending 6 months of my pay on a 16 year old minor to sleep with... I, too, will be donating my money to this ad.

8. [+219, -16] This is amazing. I don't want to see Lee Soo ever again. Please don't let him taint a fine musical like this.

9. [+213, -10] There's a really famous English soccer player named Adam Johnson and he bought a minor prostitute too and was kicked off his team, cut from his Adidas sponsorship, and sentenced to 6 years in jail. I think Korea is too lenient with the consequences for the prostitution of minors.

10. [+181, -6] Do we really have no other musical talents that we have to resort to casting a criminal like him? Boycotting is the only answer



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