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Monday, April 18, 2016

Jung sisters share a set of sweet selcas

Article: "My one and only unni" Jessica and Krystal, the superior Jung sisters

Source: Mydaily via Nate

1. [+205, -26] Ah... the two sisters I detest the most...

2. [+138, -20] Both lost everything over men

3. [+128, -20] Can't stand them anymore

4. [+25, -8] Both of them ruined their images over men

5. [+22, -6] Please change the article title to 'most disliked sisters in Korea'

6. [+21, -7] Nothing "superior" about them...

7. [+15, -3] And what is so superior about them?

8. [+14, -14] So why is Krystal so hated again? For dating an EXO member? Isn't that a personal issue with EXO's stupid fans? It's not like she caused a huge scandal in society, why hate on her?

9. [+13, -16] Yeah, I don't get why she's getting hate either. All because Krystal's dating a male idol? ㅋㅋ That's so stupid, you dumb fangirls ㅋㅋㅋ How about you get your own boyfriend in that time instead

10. [+12, -6] Sisters with the lowest taste in men


Source: Naver

1. [+1,898, -86] I don't know why people always describe them as "superior", just call them pretty sisters and leave it at that.

2. [+1,252, -147] She spent so many years as a trainee, so many years singing and dancing with SNSD, only to be seduced away as a designer and now she's back on TV... talk about regret ㅜ

3. [+1,354, -192] Never noticed before how all the good genes seem to be on one side

4. [+915, -138] The lovebird sisters

5. [+402, -24] Jealous that they've made so much money they can live freely...

6. [+430, -82] All the good genes went to one sister...

7. [+238, -22] I remember in the past, everyone praised them for being pretty whenever articles about them came out.. now I'm curious how people will react

8. [+219, -29] Krystal seriously got all the good genes. They don't even look alike either.



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