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Monday, April 25, 2016

FTC corrects 'Produce 101' unfair contracts

Article: Fair Trade Commission corrects 'Produce 101' contract terms allowing right to malicious editing

Source: Yonhap News via Naver

1. [+5,120, -31] Oooh... FTC bringing out the hammer

2. [+3,505, -40] I don't even expect Mnet to give equal spotlight to everyone... just don't make someone out to be the bad guy intentionally

3. [+3,215, -41] Sigh.. it's so sad how these kids' dreams are determined by how Mnet chooses to edit them to look

4. [+2,578, -31] Can't believe this was even allowed in the contracts, these are young kids we're dealing with tsk tsk

5. [+1,072, -10] I think another agency or broadcast channel reported them. CJ is so crazy... they're using the innocent dreams of minors for the sake of drama and probably telling the kids, "The public will always leave hate. You must learn how to deal with it" when they're the ones who edited them to look like the bad guys. Talk about a contract that absolves them of any responsibility..

6. [+228, -4] What about the fact that none of them were paid for their time on the show and that some product placements like lip balms and sneakers got more air time than some of the trainees

7. [+246, -14] Not a Chanmi fan but I felt so bad for her

8. [+197, -5] This was a slave contract



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