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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Victoria Beckham compliments Korean women on their fashion sense

Article: Victoria Beckham, "Korean women have great fashion sense... and elegant bodies"

Source: Sports Donga via Daum

1. [+323, -47] Korean women do really have the best fashion sense, I can tell when I go overseas

2. [+271, -78] It's because she's only been looking at models all day

3. [+124, -15] Well there are a variety of people everywhere...

4. [+69, -4] What Asian women in general have going for them is their genes... white women mature and age super fast whereas Asian women, although they may fall flat on the volume department, age slower than westerners...

5. [+66, -2] There's probably no country moreso than Koreans who care as much about fashion. I've noticed overseas that people tend to wear what's comfortable like jeans and a hoodie and if I ever notice someone dressed nicely, they're a Korean exchange student ㅋㅋ

6. [+53, -10] It is Korea after all, a country so looks centered that fashion has become a religion for the tryhards

7. [+50, -12] Korean women in general dress well and are good at make up. It's mostly for their own satisfaction but also because people are so damn nosy here that they have to dress to the nines or risk hearing stuff ㅎㅎ foreigners mind their own business so I think their fashion is geared more towards comfort.

8. [+39, -7] Now that I'm older though, I prefer comfort over looking nice. I hate dressing to the nines and being looked at, I prefer simpler looks.

9. [+25, -3] It's not that they dress well, it's that they spend their entire paychecks on dressing well.. they'd rather eat ramen and dress in designer clothes than the other way around to put up a facade.

10. [+33, -12] One thing's for sure, there's no individuality because they're all copying celebrity looks



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