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Thursday, March 3, 2016

UEE attends her drama's production conference

Article: UEE's face leaves a stronger impression 'total change into an actress visual'

Source: Mydaily via Nate

1. [+533, -12] Hul, her face was so unique before and it's all messed up now

2. [+479, -8] UEE-ya! I'm sorry but you looked better before~ ㅠ.ㅠ

3. [+379, -13] I liked the old UEE better

4. [+45, -0] Her jaw is just completely gone now.. how can she even pronounce anything anymore?

5. [+43, -0] You could cut an apple with that jaw

6. [+38, -1] My jaw hurts just looking at her...

7. [+35, -1] I guess being surrounded by so many beautiful people in the industry makes people feel small... so many pretty people end up ruining their faces out of greed, both men and women. Hwanhee and Jun Jin looked better before but their faces now are so greasy looking. They're all constantly surrounded by the best visuals around so I guess they must think of themselves to be uglier than they are.

8. [+34, -1] I remember UEE being all the rage when she was After School's center... her soju CF was hot too.

9. [+27, -0] I wonder how she always lands these lead roles without a sponsor? Especially a lead on a weekend drama... idols usually get cast despite their horrible acting so their fans will bring up viewer ratings but UEE doesn't even have a fandom anymore. She's not an amazing actor, there are tons of actresses prettier than her, and now her eye focus and pronunciation are all off because of the work she got done. Other than her having a good body, I can't believe she gets all these lead roles all the time..

10. [+22, -1] Her thicker image in the past was a lot more natural looking on her..

11. [+20, -0] Can she still chew food with that jaw?

12. [+19, -1] There is no natural woman in our country with a face shape like that... probably even rare among westerners too. She went too far with her jaw.



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