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Thursday, March 10, 2016

TV: [Spoilers!!!] One More Happy Ending (Finale)

Article: 'One More Happy Ending' final episode, fun is gone and so are the viewer ratings

Source: OSEN via Naver

1. [+2,886, -57] It was so fun in the beginning..

2. [+1,831, -75] I enjoyed it, I liked the color scheme of the drama too

3. [+1,200, -90] I enjoyed it....

4. [+237, -7] I liked it but Jang Nara's character was cancerous;;; so wishy washy and only thinks of herself

5. [+197, -6] Stopped watching after he started liking his friend's girlfriend

6. [+180, -3] I thought it was fun and different at first but all of that was gone by the middle

7. [+164, -5] First and second episodes were good but the plot got weirder and weirder... switched over to 'Sun' instead

8. [+152, -4] I enjoyed it at first... but I'm so tired of boring love triangles!!!! Enough with them!!!



  1. Was going to watch it cause I thought Dara had a bigger part... But naw.

  2. [+180, -3] I thought it was fun and different at first but all of that was gone by the middle

    This seems to be the trend recently

  3. So glad it's over. I wish Haejoon character wasn't involve. That's all that makes me mad.. otherwise a good drama

  4. I liked it at first the best, then stuck with it cuz I was curious how theyd fix the melodrama but yeah... again, ive confirmed I dislike love triangles... it would have been more interesting to see their married couple craziness before they inserted the love triangle. I hope Come back ahjussi throw away thebpossible love triangle thing and balance the body possesion shenaningans and the heartfelt story of the ahjussis

  5. What is going on with kdramas? getting so boring, almost every drama gets ruined