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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

TOP at the airport following cigarette scandal

Article: Big Bang TOP leaves the airport with his face covered after cigarette butt controversy

Source: 10asia via Nate

1. [+344, -17] I don't care that he smokes, it's not my business, but the fact that he was able to throw it out in front of fans just shows at a glance what his personality on the regular is like

2. [+301, -21] I saw the video and he didn't hesitate at all to throw it out, like he does it habitually

3. [+161, -6] I really never took him for the type ㅜ.ㅜ Totally lost respect for him after seeing the video, he's gotten so cocky. How much cockier could he get after throwing out the cigarette butt and then doing the heart fingers? I hope he uses this opportunity to reflect. Popularity is something that you can lose just as fast as you earned.

4. [+31, -13] Not one member in Big Bang who hasn't had a scandal..
- There's Taeyang
- Taeyang danced and blocked the camera on 'Music Bank' when a junior was giving an award speech

5. [+25, -12] This is why habits are scary

6. [+24, -13] Not one decent person in that group... tsk tsk, birds of a feather flock together

7. [+23, -14] Makes me realize how upright TVXQ are as celebrities. I'm a GD fan on the side but I really hope he wakes up and gets back to his roots, that's a sincere request.

8. [+20, -2] He thinks because he's been hanging around Jung Jae and Woo Sung hyung that he's hot sh*t

9. [+17, -1] It's just habit for him

10. [+11, -2] Isn't this just the tip of the ice berg for him? ㅋㅋ He uploaded a picture of his female fan for following his car and put her up for public persecution when this happens all the time with foreign fans. He's like Jang Hyunseung, lives life however he wants because he's rich enough to but does he think that popularity will carry on forever? tsk tsk tsk


Article: Big Bang disrupts morning traffic with cars '1 car per member'

Source: TV Daily via Nate

1. [+365, -42] GD once even rode a skateboard through the entrance way of the airport. Their crazy antics never get made an issue because of their agency ㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+328, -35] The reason I hate stupid fangirls and their shields is that this is not just some regular road but an entrance way so if they park a whole bunch of mid sized cars up up and down, of course it'll disrupt traffic. Tsk tsk.

3. [+250, -38] I'm not even going to ask for them to find their roots anymore. I'm just tired. One last thing I want to say is just keep some basic human level of respect. Fans need to stop saying that having good songs is the only thing that matters because there are basic things that humans should be mindful of and anything outside of that shouldn't be allowed or passed over. ...

4. [+39, -9] I've been to Incheon airport and you can't park like that or it does disrupt traffic. I'm sure it doesn't matter for a short moment but the cars were parked there waiting for the other member's cars to get there.

5. [+35, -5] After reading the article, it sounds like they made all this fuss just to promote those sponsored cars. Talk about a nuisance at the airport.

6. [+33, -5] Wow, all the articles about TOP throwing out the cigarette butt were taken down. The power of a huge agency...

7. [+22, -14] Why don't they just ride in one car... so sick of these criminals

8. [+21, -2] Why aren't these ba$tards in the army yet????



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