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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Taemin claims it's difficult for him to gain weight

Article: Taemin, "I eat a lot but don't gain weight"

Source: X Sports News via Naver

1. [+4,034, -49] He rehearses for hours on end, there's really no room for him to gain any weight

2. [+3,169, -41] I don't think it's his metabolism moreso than the amount that he works out, consider his dance rehearsals alone

3. [+2,288, -35] If only he'd take 5 kg from me

4. [+1,760, -31] No way that he'd gain weight with as much as he dances γ…œγ…œ

5. [+896, -12] Meanwhile fellow member Key has cut carbs because everything he eats goes to weight gain. Must be hard for him.

6. [+267, -7] He's been dancing since he was young, I bet he has a lot of muscle and a high metabolism. I've also noticed that thin people consider 'a lot of food' to be a different amount to the rest of us. I have a thin friend who claimed to eat a lot but when I ate with her, it was just a normal amount...

7. [+204, -5] He's so active, no way he'd gain weight γ…œγ…œ Jealous of that

8. [+184, -11] I don't think there's a specific body type that doesn't gain weight... imagine how much he dances in a day and he has muscles too.



  1. I'll gladly donate my thigh fat...pls taemin

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    1. It's not something to joke about, I know some people who can't gain weight and are severely underweight.

  3. You can be very active and still be overweight. He's just naturally thin.

  4. hmmm reminds me of my sister but she's not active like taemin who dances. She doesn't exercise and eats more than me but she's always been super thin 😭 I'm the opposite I gain weight easily.

  5. I love his bofy line so much . Most like the muscular type og guys but for me i think his body is just perfect 😍

  6. Taemin ah, it's the same case with my brother.. He was so skinny, but very muscular.. He was an swimming athlete at that time.. Now he has a plenty time to take a rest, he gain weight drastically..

  7. I'm jelly, I gain weight easily but I don't blame anyone but myself xD

  8. Yes yes.. his body is really my type..😍😍
    Slender with enough muscles on the right place. Such a pleasant thing to see..��