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Monday, March 28, 2016

Sulli's whipped cream picture under controversy amidst Choiza's absence

Article: Sulli's whipped cream SNS picture under controversy, why?

Source: TV Report via Nate

1. [+2,720, -106] She's getting crazier

2. [+2,501, -93] She's scaring me, someone stop her

3. [+2,299, -92] She knows how people view her image right now and she should be refraining from causing more misunderstandings. She should know what this is doing to her image.

4. [+331, -5] Leave her alone, I want to see how far she'll go

5. [+320, -5] So this is how badly a man can ruin a woman

6. [+292, -3] Her face just looks high...

7. [+287, -9] Did SM throw Sulli out... why do they not manage her image at all? Is her contract almost expiring?

8. [+277, -4] Why does she think we care about what she's eating to the point of showing the inside of her mouth;;;;

9. [+276, -33] Birds of a feather... her and IU just continue to dig their own graves... such attention wh*res, please know where the limit is.

10. [+273, -5] Looks like Choiza's into some kinky stuff ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

11. [+233, -7] Choiza has ruined her...

12. [+203, -2] It's not just this one picture that people are calling controversial. If you look at Sulli's Instagram, there's a theme to her pictures where it looks like she's desperately trying to convey something. They're not normal and they're not bad either but they still leave an unsettling feeling when you look at them.


Pann: Choiza is currently not with Sulli

"Choiza left for America about three weeks ago. The day before he left, he wrote on a picture of Sulli with a soju bottle to 'knock it off with the drinking'.

During the three weeks Choiza has been away from Korea, Sulli has been incessantly posting ambiguous pictures on Instagram looking like she's desperately craving affection. Perhaps Choiza is now everything to Sulli.

I'm starting to think Sulli will be left at the edge of a cliff if Choiza ever were to leave her in the future. What did Choiza do to this 19 year old girl that she's ended up like this... I honestly think a significant portion of the blame goes to him. He is obviously an influencial figure in her life and he should've done more as a boyfriend who is almost an entire zodiac sign older than her but instead he's shoving her closer and closer to the edge of the cliff and leaving her there. Sulli is clearly not fully matured yet and needs an adult to think objectively for her. All Choiza has done is lock her up in her own world and letting her drop further and further down into a pit... Sulli-ya, please wake up."


1. [+451, -56] Choiza's an utter ba$tard if he ever dumps Sulli after taking her this far. She's gotten so weird since she started dating him. It's so obvious that she's not in the right state of mind and if Choiza dumps her now, he's trash. Choiza needs to get her mentality back somehow.

2. [+436, -47] I agree. It's unfair to absolve Choiza of any blame for this ㅋ He took a teen girl who was doing fine as an idol and ruined her after they started dating; He's a monster for even feeling such strong sexual desires to a teen like her and moving them into action. He's totally made her hit rock bottom.

3. [+390, -13] "The original meaning of this pose: a word used to describe a pose of someone expressing orgasmic pleasure"

4. [+321, -1] In three years, Sulli will be 26 and Choiza will be 40;;; I honestly don't see them getting married. If I were her parents... I'd be so upset.

5. [+310, -5] One thing's for sure, Choiza is not a good man... he fell for her face and seduced a girl who wasn't even an adult yet and let her run wild like this without teaching her right from wrong. He should be treating her as carefully as a flower but he let her run rampant instead.

6. [+307, -7] Doesn't Sulli have an oppa... I'd beat the crap out of Choiza if I were her oppa.

7. [+299, -6] I don't understand how Choiza publicly wrote on Sulli's drinking picture to "knock it off with the drinking"... He should be protecting her and treating her nicely in the public but look at the way he treats her even in his lyrics, "eat, sleep, do it"... ugh

8. [+245, -5] He felt sexual desire for this teen girl and went after her... so dirty

9. [+236, -2] I think it's true... Choiza has become "everything" to Sulli now...

10. [+162, -1] If we're talking about this in non-celebrity terms, it's the same as some 33 year old ajusshi dating a high school senior ㅋ

11. [+149, -0] I think Sulli is craving affection. She uploaded 47 pictures on Instagram in on week. She probably loves the comments from fans saying "we love you find strength Sulli" and continues to post more because she craves more love.



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