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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Stellar opens up on why they go back to their sexy concepts

Article: Stellar's reason for sticking to 19+ rated concepts? It's their only card (interview)

Source: TV Report via Daum

"We're often tagged as the '19+ rated girl group' but it doesn't make us feel bad. 'Marionette' is an important song to us because it's the song that helped us continue to release more albums. We released two more albums after it with less sexual themes but the public ignored it. That's why we had to go back to more provocative concepts.

If there's one thing we feel that we need to clarify is that we don't do 19+ rated performances on stage. Our songs themselves also don't give that kind of feel. We only try to garner interest with teaser pictures and music videos and hope that people will take a listen to our song and watch our stages in return.

When we have our comeback, people start wondering what our next album concept will be and even recommend ideas. We're grateful for that because it means they care about us. We're also curious about our next concept and wonder what more there is that we can do.

We, too, wanted to be a pretty girl group image at first too but if a sexy image is what the public wants from us, that's what we have to do. We can't ignore that. Doing only what we want to do is greed. We can do sexy concepts but with change and variety like 'innocent sexy', 'pretty sexy', 'powerful sexy', etc.

The people around us are proud of us. Our families are a great source of strength. I'm sure there are things they're worried about since we're their daughters but they support us by saying work as hard as you can if you chose this path for yourself. They know how much we struggled when we were unknown and we've always been good daughters at home so (laughter).

The concept is more fun to us because we're so different from it in real life. We don't wear high heels or wear clothes that show skin. We're also more careful with our actions. For example, if people at a nightclub saw an innocent girl group, they'd think it was out of the ordinary and think it's cool but if they saw Stellar, they'd swear at us thinking, 'We always knew they'd be like that.'

We get hurt over the hateful comments and we cried a lot too, but we've become stronger through experience. We've experienced things that we never should've as women, and gone through a lot of shock. So many people criticize us on why we're insistent on the sexy concept but it's the only card that promises us another opportunity. It's something that promises us a future with more things to do."


1. [+162, -41] I know that their sexy concept is just a gimmick to become celebrities. I hope that they work even harder and become more popular too.

2. [+129, -25] They started with a cute and lovely image but got no where with it until people exploded with interest the mninute they came out with their 19+ rated concept. Their jobs are completely reliant on the public caring so they have no choice but to do what they want. I trust that there will come a day where another concept of theirs becomes a hit ㅋㅋ

3. [+132, -41] Find strength! Fighting. I think anyone who works hard with what they're given is deserving of respect.

4. [+21, -6] If your song is bad, it doesn't matter what concept you have, it's all a waste of time. I feel the most bad for Dal Shabet. Pretty girls but sh*tty songs that haven't gotten them anywhere in years.

5. [+10, -1] I'd have no problem with it if they kept it to 19+ rated shows but they don't

6. [+6, -0] It's not the "only" concept. It's all the fault of their CEO not being smart enough. Look at Girlfriend... girls with nothing special who started off getting a ton of hate for copying SNSD is doing fine now.

7. [+7, -2] I agree that it's pretty much the public forcing them into these concepts now. If they don't do sexy concepts, nevermind another album opportunity, they don't even get booked for gigs and end up flopping. Just own it and be confident with it. It's not like you're selling your bodies, you're dancing and working hard for your money, no need to be embarrassed of it.



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