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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Song Hye Gyo, Jun Ji Hyun, and Kim Tae Hee - the top 3 actresses of our generation?

Article: This must be why everyone's obsessed with 'Tae Hye Ji'

Source: Sports Chosun via Naver

1. [+6,945, -565] Let's leave 'Yongpal' out of this, the drama got worse the longer it went on. All I remember from it is all the PPL.

2. [+6,286, -892] Kim Tae Hee's pretty but her acting doesn't deserve to be up there. And 'Yongpal' was successful purely off of Joo Won who did all the work~~

3. [+7,448, -1,336] Song Hye Gyo has had countless hit dramas while Jun Ji Hyun has only one hit drama but a ton of daebak movies that she was the lead in. What has Kim Tae Hee done in the past 10 years other than show off her face? She's so untalented as an actor but she gets lumped in with people like Song Hye Gyo and Jun Ji Hyun all the time.

4. [+3,817, -271] Song Hye Gyo and Jun Ji Hyun are good at acting and pick their projects well

5. [+5,059, -950] Let's please leave Kim Tae Hee out of that list

6. [+1,295, -99] Wow, come to think of it, Song Hye Gyo hasn't had a drama that flopped..

7. [+1,396, -137] Kim Tae Hee's only talent is her face. There's just nothing she can do no matter how hard she tries, she has no potential. Her acting bores me.

8. [+1,160, -111] Let's leave Kim Tae Hee out of this, she doesn't deserve a free ride under their names

9. [+1,105, -101] Kim Tae Hee has no place in acting unless it's in a CF

10. [+996, -66] My votes go to Song Hye Gyo and Jun Ji Hyun



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