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Friday, March 11, 2016

'Modern beauty and the beast couple' earns attention online

Article: The man has a beautiful wife because he's rich?.. A look at the facts

Source: SBS via Nate

This couple became known as the 'beauty and the beast' couple and is a sensation online for their gap in looks. The wife was featured on a TV show for her noodle making skills/noodle store and viewers noticed that her husband was 'visually inferior' to her beauty, leading to all sorts of rumors and speculations from people claiming that he comes from a wealthy family and that she's only with him for the money. The couple came forward to reveal that he's actually not rich at all and that she genuinely loves him for his work ethic and caring personality, showing that money and status doesn't always correlate with love.


'My Handsome Husband'

This couple was all the buzz recently. They're just your average couple who've been together for six years so why have they become famous?

For none other than their looks. The wife was on a TV show as a master noodle maker and her beautiful looks became all the buzz.

Viewers thought that her husband, however, didn't have quite the good looks that his wife did and began calling the couple the 'modern beauty and the beast'.

Problems arose when people started claiming that the husband was able to land a beautiful wife like her because he was from a rich family.

"The man is a golden spoon"
"The man's a golden spoon, he's the son of a soondae restaurant owner"
"His parents own a soondae restaurant, they make tons in sales a day"

Rumors began spreading as if they were fact and people even began criticizing him for going on TV when he's already so rich to begin with.

"He owns a sports car"
"He owns a super expensive motorcycle"
"He owns a building"

His wife, however, attributes her successful noodle store to her husband. "Without him, I wouldn't have even been able to open my own store. I'm really grateful to him."

And on the rumors of her marrying him because he's rich, she said that wasn't the reason at all. "He's not the person that people think he is."

The couple in reality live a vastly different life from a 'rich golden spoon' life. Their noodle store is leased and only has two tables fit for four people. 

The motorcycle he rides is also an old one that's 10 years old.
So why does the wife attribute her success to him?

It's because of his work ethic. Her husband has taken it upon himself to do all of the prep work for her noodle store. "He has stayed up nights working every day for the past 16 years and I find that amazing."

Not only that, but after helping her all day at the noodle store, he heads off to help his parent's soondae restaurant after getting off of work. 

It's something he's been doing for 19 years and didn't give up just because his wife started a noodle store. He took responsibility for both of the people in his life. 

At the store, he simmers pork bones and meat and doesn't get back out until 2 am. 

And it's not home that he finally heads to but back to his wife's noodle store to do the prep work for her for the next day. "I want her to sleep for at least a few more hours in the morning so I try to do the prep work for her beforehand."

And that is why she is so grateful to her husband and is hurt by the rumors people are making up about them. "These are noodles that my husband makes by putting his life on the line."

"If you look at him closely, there are things that make him cute. To me, he's more handsome than Jung Woo Sung."

No matter what they look like to other people or whether they're called a golden spoon or a beauty and the beast couple, wife Hye Jin would never trade her husband Ho Joon for anyone in the world.


1. [+2,346, -60] I find the wife charming for knowing to be grateful and recognizing how hard her husband works without judging him for his looks

2. [+2,073, -73] He's way better than the losers who live on rent but still feel the need to show off a flashy life style with import cars

3. [+1,972, -48] Our country is facing such big problem. People judge too hard on someone's looks, their wealth, what they're wearing and own... People complain all the time about how this is bad but they'll also be the first to look down on someone with less than them. We've become a country with an impoverished state of mind.

4. [+92, -9] I think this is something that men would never understand. It's possible for women though. To women, a man who is willing to do anything for her can be as handsome as a prince on a white horse. That's why you see so many couples like them... beautiful woman, ugly man. Not only because the man's rich but because women recognize the genuine feelings of the man. 

5. [+83, -9] I've realized nowadays that when people are jealous, they try to bring them down with hate. 

6. [+69, -14] Now that's real love... It's because he's such a hard working person that he was able to land a beautiful, kind hearted wife..

7. [+65, -7] I bet it's the losers who made up those rumors... the losers stuck in the mentality that a beautiful woman would never marry a poor man. What would they know... They're probably the ones showing off their import cars and luxury watches on SNS while living in a tiny rent apartment ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ No way guys like them would understand a man like him

8. [+59, -11] It's love... just love. The kind of love that people who measure love based on money and who does more or less could never understand.

9. [+41, -6] He loves his wife, respects his parents... what an upright person.

10. [+38, -3] ㅡ.ㅡ I hope they don't get too hurt by what others say. It's just because the haters are the ones who only care about money and looks that they can't possibly understand how this could happen and choose to hate instead of trying to understand



  1. Jfc not everyone marries for looks. If the man is good and sweet and obviously a hard worker then what more can u ask for?

  2. Comment #3 is everything. You don't even have to live in Korea to know that this comment is so true.

    1. Koreans are all about looks. Looks are the only matters for them.

    2. That's so rude & untrue that it makes you sound like a dumbass. No don't think that you know shit about korea & koreans just because you visit this site & like kpop

  3. My mother alway tells me that yes, there is perks to marrying a rich man. But the bottom line question comes down to is he a nice person? Is he genuine? Will he treat you and his children well? That's what it comes down to - and that's where real feelings for each other should grow from. Don't get me wrong, I love me a handsome face and that cash flow... but it's nothing if his personality is trash. Straight up turn off

  4. It's sad though because this would never happen the other way around. You rarely see really handsome man+not beautiful woman couples. I only see beautiful women+not handsome men couples. Guys only care about looks.

    1. Well, I wouldn't say "never" because I've seen handsome guy+not beautiful woman couples. Not all guys care only about looks.

  5. Beautiful ♡ this story made my morning

  6. How shallow has South Korea become for this to make news.

    1. This! I was gonna comment on this!

    2. Are you seriously generalizing an entire country based on one news? Are you implying that no other country is superficial & that there wouldn't be similar news? No stfu

  7. 3. [+1,972, -48] Our country is facing such big problem. People judge too hard on someone's looks, their wealth, what they're wearing and own... People complain all the time about how this is bad but they'll also be the first to look down on someone with less than them. We've become a country with an impoverished state of mind.

    I think a lot of people like this nowadays, but it's true that korea's beauty standard was so high. I think they are easily judge people from the way they look and one tiny mistake on SNS.

  8. She is really pretty though. She looks like an actress.

  9. People seriously. ....

  10. Everything is not about looks, damn when are people gonna realize this?

    Even if you marry someone you consider "hot" if they have an ugly soul, their looks will not save your marriage. You won't stand being around them for 5 minutes let alone the rest of your life.

    Someone that makes you smile the moment you see them, or you breathe a sigh of relief whenever you see them, then you probably found your special someone. Been married for 6 years and yes when I see my husband I can't stop smiling or when I'm angry at him, when he comes back around my heart is eased. Corny yes but ehh xD

  11. "I've realized nowadays that when people are jealous, they try to bring them down with hate."

    Nowadays ?? Dude where have you been smh.

  12. Just for making that assumption it shows how rotten and look centered those people are