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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Majority of the female stars involved in sponsor scandal admit to suspicions

Article: 'Entertainment Relay' reps, "Four of the celebrities under suspicion of prostitution, majority admit to accusations"

Source: Mydaily via Daum

1. [+2,666, -121] I'm more curious who the men buying these women are. Give us information on the men! Let us know who is behind all of this!

2. [+2,514, -91] Why is there never any mention of who the men behind this are? Same with the Jang Ja Yeon scandal, we still don't know who the many men and companies on that list who drove her to suicide are to this day...

3. [+1,163, -133] We should be going harder on the men who bought these women! But of course only the women are being crucified

4. [+695, -31] Reveal the men too... why are only the women getting hate when it takes two to tango?

5. [+591, -35] The women are of course at fault but so are the men who bought them so why are only the women being exposed in the media????

6. [+589, -69] I assumed that the costs would be super high but considering now that the lives and careers of these women are done for, it doesn't seem all that worth the money. They'll never be able to go on TV and they'll be branded with this when it comes time to get married... They ruined their lives over a couple thousand bucks. No matter how little they make, they still make more than the average person so why couldn't they just be satisfied with that?

7. [+348, -17] If you don't have strong sponsors, you'll just end up getting caught and exiled from the industry. If your sponsors strong enough, you'll get more and more opportunities and grow your career. It's just how the industry works;

8. [+323, -11] We already know that they can't reveal the names of the men because they're all powerful men in business like PDs and head directors...

9. [+261, -23] The penalty fine is only 30 million won and all of it would've gone away but C's name has already been plastered everywhere so it's a shame. Obviously nobody knows who L is which is why she was so confident walking into investigations, and the other two are trainees so not like anyone would care who they are. Maybe C can be like Sung Hyun Ah and just claim that although she received money, they still had feelings for each other and were dating... I doubt anyone more popular than C will be exposed in the media. Not her fan but it's sad that she's taking the blame for all of it. Not that what she did was right...

10. [+273, -42] Yeah, I feel soooo bad for these women who were so poor and starving that they needed to do all this to make money to afford their luxury bags and vacations overseas.



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