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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Jun Ji Hyun revealed to have purchased a home for 4.4 billion won

Article: Jun Ji Hyun secretly purchases a home in Samsungdong for 4.4 billion while pregnant 'owns 40 billion in real estate'

Source: Newsen via Nate

1. [+564, -10] That house is worth 4.4 billion? ㅋㅋ The Seoul real estate market is such a joke

2. [+434, -13] Hul... that house is not even 400 million won but 4.4 billion won...

3. [+419, -23] I hope that the real estate bubble pops and housing prices drop to half

4. [+39, -2] It's because of people like her that housing prices won't go down. You put up a few bricks and price it at 4.4 billion? How is that normal? A house like that in the countryside would go for 2-300 million won.

5. [+27, -3] Wow, that's worth 4.4 billion won??

6. [+19, -0] It's probably the price of the land not so much the house on top of it. She'll probably demolish it and build something else.

7. [+19, -1] Pyungchangdong houses go for 8 billion, and if a famous person lives in the area, easily 10 billion

8. [+17, -2] She's probably made 100 billion won in China, this is nothing to her...



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