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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Cosmic Girls guest on 'Weekly Idol'

Article: Comsic Girls guest on 'Weekly Idol', are viewers ready to join their fandom?

Source: OSEN via Naver

1. [+1,019, -60] Haven't been this bored in a while

2. [+988, -30] Wow, that member looks exactly like she could be Shin Dong Yeob's daughter

3. [+908, -49] I can tell that they're trying to work hard but it's so over the top and boring...

4. [+798, -49] What is this alien group..

5. [+586, -23] That member who looks like a female Shin Dong Yeob, the resemblance is too strong

6. [+127, -10] 12 members... they're still nugus, I wonder if their income is even dividable amongst them

7. [+91, -5] This is the group with that Shin Dong Yeob member, right?

8. [+98, -9] When they first debuted I thought they'd get huge but there are just too many members and none of them stand out. Can't tell any of them apart... and they call themselves a visual group but it doesn't seem like the case at all ㅋ They're going to need a lot of charms to get anywhere...

9. [+93, -8] Yoo Yeon Jung almost debuted in this group, right?

10. [+70, -2] Oh so their leader is EXY



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