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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Twice's Dahyun to join 'Real Men' female soldier special 4

Article: [Exclusive] Twice's Dahyun to join 'Real Men' female soldier special 4... will she become the second Hyeri?

Source: Star News via Nate

1. [+227, -25] Reminds me of when Bomi tried to copy Hyeri and failed

2. [+134, -9] 'Real Men' is all about putting celebrities through the toughest training... having them put on talent shows and do cooking competitions just spells failure for the show. And please leave out the bits with the female soldiers crying while reading letters.

3. [+102, -10] The female soldier special hasn't been fun in a while. It was fun up to Amber in the second season and it's been on the decline ever since. I don't even remember the third season.


Source: Naver

1. [+3,000, -141] So does any female idol get called the second Hyeri now?

2. [+2,164, -84] Isn't she too young?

3. [+2,252, -123] Hul, her skin is so white, what if she gets tan out there...

4. [+1,893, -214] She looks like a hard worker, I think she'll be fine...

5. [+364, -27] She's not even an adult yet and they're already sending her to the army...

6. [+329, -35] She's a '98er, still in high school.. isn't this too much work for her?

7. [+254, -17] Hyeri happened to hit daebak, don't pressure the other idols over it

8. [+255, -28] Isn't she still a minor?????

9. [+220, -18] Even if she doesn't hit as daebak as Hyeri did, she'll at least get her name out there with the public which is good enough for a rookie~



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