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Monday, February 22, 2016

[Instiz] Korean EXO fans claim to have suffered abuse at EXO's NA tour

Instiz: EXO fans suffer racism, sexual harassment, physical assault, and threats by EXO's NA tour reps

A bunch of Korean EXO fans who have been attending EXO's North American tour revealed on Twitter that they've been suffering from racism and abuse by the tour representatives. Korean fans were singled out and prohibited from bringing in items that other fans could bring in and some were even pulled aside and forced to lift up their skirts and shirts so that reps could check that they weren't hiding any cameras and memory sticks. One male rep even went as far as to tell them to take their underwear off to check.

Another fan tweeted that everyone was standing up on chairs but a rep came and knocked hers over while yelling at everyone else that they would be knocked over too if they didn't get down.

Other Chinese and Japanese fans who were caught filming inside were given a pass but Korean fans were kicked out, forced to give up their equipment, and again asked to lift up their skirts for further checks.

At one point, a fan had fainted but reps ignored her and continued focusing on the filming of the event.


"What is going on? This is crossing so many lines"

"This is crazy... SM, please do something about this ㅜㅜ"

"We can't let this go this time"

"I really hope SM takes strong legal action against this"

"It's upsetting to think that these fans paid airfare and everything to go see the concert of their favorite idol only to be the victims of racism and sexual harassment. I hope SM doesn't let this slide. I'm already so angry for them."

"I hope the victims take legal action and get an apology and compensation out of this."

"This gave me goosebumps, that's so scary..."

"I think SM needs to take action with this."

"I was at the NA tour and I didn't have any problems with them, didn't know this was going on... or maybe the LA concert was better than the others. I think MMT and SM need to work together on resolving this."

"Shouldn't they be taking this to the police station instead of tweeting about it...? I hope SM does something about this, it involves sexual harassment and assault."

"Hul, they did that to a fansite admin too.. this definitely needs feedback."

"Isn't this lawsuit worthy?"



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