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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Girl's Day talk about their income from individual activities

Article: Girl's Day is honest about their differences in income from individual activities

Source: Newsen via Daum

When asked if Minah was paid for her solo album last year, she said with a laugh, "I had to pay the company back, actually". Sojin said she was "quite happy" with her 'Reply 1988' OST earnings while Hyeri said her income was "great".

1. [+548, -20] It's ironic because Minah's the one who kept the group afloat back when the group didn't even have an income but now that the group's doing well, she's the least popular.

2. [+530, -38] Cute answers for a sensitive question

3. [+317, -36] They're so cute

4. [+158, -4] Minah seems to have an easy going personality

5. [+127, -8] Hyeri could probably buy a building in Gangnam with what she made last year alone

6. [+91, -4] They should still be grateful to Minah

7. [+72, -2] Having a difference in income is inevitable, they shouldn't let it bring them down. There will always be more opportunities. I remember Soyu once saying that she was upset about always having to stay home while the other three were busy with individual activities but after she made 'Some' a hit with Junggigo, she's not only on all the TV shows but even got an MC spot at a year-end ceremony. Just work hard and quietly build your skills and unleash it all when the opportunity calls for it.

8. [+63, -6] Minah did so much for the group in the beginning. Unfortunately, her solo song and concept were just.... a mess.

9. [+35, -3] miss A's income distribution's a mess but I guess things are better with Girl's Day..

10. [+14, -4] Girl's Day really lucked out with all four of their members getting popular

11. [+13, -3] Hyeri was the most nugu member in the group, wasn't she? She was only known as the kid who got into a dating scandal with uncle Tony Ahn and barely had any presence until her life turned around with 'aiiing~'. She's now the trend.



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