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Sunday, February 14, 2016

EXID celebrates their 4th anniversary with their first mini concert

Article: EXID, "When 'Up & Down' was climbing back up, we got sensitive and hurt one another"

Source: OSEN via Naver

1. [+578, -104] The fancam did wonders for the group but they were already a group that was known by word of mouth

2. [+518, -98] Talented kids will always get popular no matter what. Let's have a concert at a bigger venue next time!

3. [+438, -85] Talented group EXID, do well

4. [+53, -3] Solji really is just too good

5. [+51, -9] They were already popular in the army before they got huge. But I heard that Hani isn't popular in the army anymore because of how tomboyish she is. She got popular for her sexy image but the way she acts all tomboyish kind of ruined the fantasy for men I guess.

6. [+49, -11] I see a lot of comments asking why EXID is considered "talented" but just because they got famous off of the 'Up & Down' sexy dance doesn't nean they're not. Solji is the main vocalist who honestly doesn't need an explanation, Hyelin is the second vocalist who shares the chorus with Solji. She was also Solji's student, who was a vocal trainer at the time. Hani is the sub vocalist and even was in a unit with Solji called 'Dasoni'. LE is the rapper who can write, compose, and arrange music. She worked with Shinsadong Tiger on 'Up & Down'. Junghwa's the visual. It's true that she can't sing.

7. [+47, -4] I first found out about Hani but the more I found out about the group, the more I liked them. It'd be understandable for them to be jealous of one member getting all the fame but they weren't, they were all close and it's probably because Hani's a good person and they shared so many hardships together. I feel like "Who's That Girl" would've done really well if they re-released it after they got famous because it's such a good song.

8. [+44, -3] They have so many songs that would win #1 right now if they re-released them now that they're famous


Article: EXID, "Our first concert for our 4th anniversary... time flies"

Source: OSEN via Naver

1. [+835, -41] Only 500 seats, that doesn't sound like enough

2. [+442, -45] Congratulations

3. [+332, -43] Let's become long running singers!!

4. [+302, -34] Only 500 seats? That's so little, they need at least five times that

5. [+76, -11] It was sold out so fast ㅜㅜ even if it's a mini concert, how can you only have 500 seats



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