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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Dara reveals she's been promoted to YG's director of promotions

Article: 'Entertainment Relay' Sandara Park, "I was promoted from YG's head of promotions to director"

Source: Newsen via Nate

1. [+1,023, -71] She has no talent...

2. [+832, -33] Her and Thunder have the best sibling visuals but are in awkward positions everywhere else

3. [+555, -30] She can't do much all because of that druggie team member!

4. [+66, -10] For a celebrity, she really does have no talents. Bad voice tone too. She lucked out.

5. [+52, -7] But at least she hasn't caused any scandals in YG and has been working hard all this time~~~ She's been working hard since she was a kid and I hope that it pays off in the end~ ^^!

6. [+47, -5] Aren't Park Bom and GD the real head of promotions for YG

7. [+45, -11] She feels more like a celebrity trainee than a celebrity...

8. [+38, -3] You can tell that her company adores her though. She's perfect for the role of the female lead's friend in a romcom... I think she'd be cute for it.

9. [+33, -15] She's pretty though, she's past her thirties and still looks like her early debut days

10. [+30, -3] At least Yang Hyun Suk is taking care of them. With one in a drug scandal and the leader off in America, Sandara and Gong Minzy can't even do anything but Yang Hyun Suk has been keeping them with him.

11. [+28, -1] So what does her job even entail that she got promoted to a director's position? What can she do other than buying younger staff some lunch on the company card?

12. [+28, -2] She's like Lee Yeon Hee... pretty but no charms and no talent.

13. [+27, -2] At least she's never gotten into any scandals unlike GD, Park Bom, or Seungri and Daesung......

14. [+26, -2] The epitome of pretty but having no charms.

15. [+22, -2] Something like this could never happen in an actual company in real life ㅋ she's just a puppet director



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