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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Child actress Kim Sae Ron matures into a young lady

Article: Kim Sae Ron matures more by the day 'don't be too surprised'

Source: TV Daily via Nate

1. [+683, -30] Child actresses usually have to suffer from imbalanced schedules and lack of sleep so they rarely grow as tall but I guess Kim Sae Ron's the exception... she grows taller every time we see her~~!!

2. [+558, -30] Is she really the little kid from 'The Man From Nowhere'? Amazing

3. [+466, -21] If she continues growing at this rate, she'll be model height soon like mid 170cm

4. [+47, -3] What has Won Bin been doing while Kim Sae Ron has matured this much

5. [+38, -9] I thought she was an average child actress when I first saw her in Won Bin's movie but wow, she's growing up to be a goddess

6. [+34, -12] I don't find her that great of an actress, she could look into modeling instead

7. [+32, -1] She totally looks like a high schooler, even college age kid now;; hul~

8. [+30, -1] And while Kim Sae Ron was growing up this big, Won Bin has still yet to shoot another drama or movie

9. [+26, -1] She looks old enough to shoot a romance movie with the ajusshi from nowhere now ㅋㅋㅋ

10. [+22, -2] She could model now. Her face and height look more model-like than actress-like



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