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Friday, January 8, 2016

Website set up to help Kopino children find their Korean fathers

Article: [Exclusive] Kopino mothers set up a website to find runaway fathers

Source: Herald Econ via Nate

The blog aims to help Kopino children find their missing Korean fathers. Some of the entries have been deleted because the fathers have gotten back in contact with them.

1. [+3,123, -132] I'm so glad this website was made!! I remember a documentary covered the issue of Kopino children and I've had an interest in it ever since. I looked through the site and there are a lot of people who had short relationships... I feel so bad for the children ㅠ The fathers of these children are such a problem... please take responsibility for your actions and accept your consequences!!!

2. [+2,882, -113] For bringing shame to our country, these men deserve to be shamed like this. They should be taking responsibility for their actions, there are lives at stake here.

3. [+1,624, -65] I just went through the site and I am honestly so enraged. There was even one man who did it twice... so disgusting. I'm embarrassed to be a Korean like him. Please release more information on these men.

4. [+295, -12] I'm a man myself but this is a great idea. How can you think of throwing away your own child like this? He won't be any different in his own country. Release all of their faces.

5. [+291, -11] I was going through their Facebook and noticed that one man got a woman pregnant in 2000 and ran away and got another pregnant in 2009... he even left the wrong identification information with her so when she submitted his name as the father, it came back as fake... what trash.

6. [+270, -21] 90% of Kopino fathers are said to be Korean men in their twenties... the absolute worst!!!!!

7. [+254, -9] That Kim Joo Hwan guy got two girls pregnant in 2000 and 2009, we should be catching him and making him pay the price, ughhh

8. [+239, -7] I'm not kidding.. if you know a man around you who has visited the Philippines before... you should go check if his name is on the site.;

9. [+222, -10] I bet a lot of men are scared right now... they have every right to be shamed for being so irresponsible like this.

10. [+165, -7] I looked at the pictures and the children resemble their fathers so much, how can you run away after seeing your own child like that...

11. [+148, -7] I hope all of the men who used their dic*ks so irresponsibly only to run away to Korea end up paying the price

12. [+119, -8] Yes, it's important to get to the bottom of issues like this



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