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Saturday, January 9, 2016

[Pann] Yeri's vocal skills

Pann: Yeri's singing skills

"I wonder how Yeri became a singer...? She's really bad at singing..."

1. [+309, -4] Yeri's really cute and nice but I do wonder what she spent doing for five years

2. [+271, -5] I used to go to the same school as her and it didn't seem like she had a tight training schedule or anything. She came to class regularly and I'd see her often hanging out with friends after school grabbing ddukbokgi and stuff. If you go look at her friend's Cyworlds, they have a lot of pictures where they took trips together. I don't think SM gave her a strict training schedule because she's so young.

3. [+240, -3] I like that she's pretty and has such an outgoing personality but I do question what exactly she spent training for five years in SM...

4. [+152, -19] I wouldn't call her the worst singer in SM though. She's about as good as Sulli... has a good vocal color. She's 18 years old now so I hope she picks up on the training. She's a good dancer, has a pretty face, and a good vocal color so she has a lot to work with. I think her live has improved since 'Ice Cream Cake' though.

5. [+149, -7] She has a lot of potential, but no skills... you can tell since her debut that she knows how to work the cameras and looks more relaxed than her unnis in front of them. She just needs more practice and she'll be alright.

6. [+129, -3] It's not only SM groups but all groups that have a few members who are only there for visual purposes. And if you guys are going to put down idols for their singing skills, then don't put them down for their visuals or characters. I hate it when my favorite singer is known for being a good person and being the top in terms of skills but is always being judged for everything else.

7. [+117, -6] Other than Mamamoo, Spica, or BEG, I don't think there's a group that doesn't have a talent hole. It's not only Red Velvet but other girl groups that have at least one member who lack skills too. But they're either good at dancing or have a pretty face.

8. [+115, -26] I feel like Yeri gets judged more harshly than other idols because she's in SM.

9. [+92, -4] She's not as good as the other members and used to sing really quietly when she first debuted but I like that she sings loudly and clearly now like during 'Three Wishes' on 'Music Bank'.

10. [+73, -3] She's young and it hasn't been that much since her debut, I think she'll improve in due time. I'm honestly an A Pink fan and Naeun lacked a lot of skills at first but she's improved to the point where she can sing solo songs at concerts and can sing with the vocal members in a trio. Yeri has a bright future ahead of her, there's no need to bring her down so fast.

11. [+68, -8] Her singing's weak but Wendy's just so good that it makes the comparison even stronger. She's young and will have many more opportunities to improve so she just needs to work at it.



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