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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Noh Hong Chul reveals IU solicited his help for her interior design

Article: Noh Hong Chul, "IU contacted me to do the interior designing for her home"

Source: X Sports News via Naver

"Ever since I've been on this show, a lot of women have been sending me love calls. Even IU contacted me asking me to do her interior designing, but I rejected it."

1. [+5,052, -538] "If you do it for free, I'll think of oppa as such a good person!"

2. [+5,298, -897] I bet she asked him to do it for free..

3. [+3,144, -371] "Oppa will be such a cool person if you do it for me while I'm out of the house"

4. [+4,840, -1,002] Nevermind all that lolita stuff, people have already found out that she's a little fox

5. [+4,576, -954] Hmm, I wonder why she'd ask an ajusshi in his thirties to do the interior designing for her home.. there are plenty of other experts she could employ..

6. [+882, -129] She probably told him he'd be cool if he did it for free too

7. [+1,522, -391] Good thinking, Hong Chul-ah. Don't get involved with IU.

8. [+560, -97] Does she really have no one else to be employing for interior desaign ㅋㅋㅋ

9. [+369, -90] Hong Chul-ah, don't try to mention IU to distract people from your own scandals. You have plenty of scandals of your own. Your new show is hopeless and no fun anyway.

10. [+354, -103] Don't get involved with her, you never know what pictures of you she'll release. Be careful.



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