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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Mnet's 'Produce 101' grades trainees from A to F

Article: Trainees start off on different levels right from the start... why should viewers deal with the guilt of the 'cruel decision'

Source: Kyunghyang News via Daum

Article talks about how viewers of 'Produce 101' have pointed out how cruel it is that the trainees are being divided into different ranks from A to F, as shown when performing the 'Pick Me' song. Depending on their grade, they were either able to sing on stage or on the ground, and F trainees weren't even given mics, essentially treating the girls like grades of meat.

1. [+200, -6] Enough's enough, don't you think? Grading people like they're meat... If I was given an F, I'd be too embarrassed to continue and just give up. I'm sure it might even be motivating for other people but can we think of how hurt these young kids might feel too? Programs like this aren't good..

2. [+166, -3] Yeah, it really is an unbelievable program..

3. [+135, -1] I think there's a problem with the producer who even came up with an idea like this...

4. [+46, -1] People should not be graded..

5. [+24, -0] The show is the product of how greedy someone can be for viewer ratings. I'm just worried for the kids who are only on this to truly chase their dreams but will only end up getting hurt.

6. [+10, -1] I feel like Mnet purposely stirs up controversial things -_-

7. [+6, -1] The show is pretty much putting the blame of the guilt on the viewers. They gathered up all the kids and graded them and then blamed it on the viewers saying it was us who gave them these grades. No, you graded those girls an F, not us.

8. [+4, -0] There's obviously a lot of controversial issues that will get people talking about the show but this isn't something you do to kids... they're mostly in their teens, how can you grade someone like this when it's clearly also based on their visuals?..

9. [+3, -0] I'm pretty sure they'll be picking the debuting members out of the A grades. I doubt there's any debut potential in the F members so they might as well be left off the show to begin with...



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