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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Long running digital chart hits from 2015

Article: Are they renting out the digital charts? Best 5 long running songs on the charts

Source: OSEN via Naver

◆ 7/23/2015 Girlfriend 'Me Gustas Tu'
◆ 8/22/2015 Song Minho 'Fear'
◆ 9/15/2015 iKON 'My Type'
◆ 9/22/2015 Im Chang Jung 'Love Again'
◆ 10/20/2015 Twice 'Like Ooh Ahh'

1. [+1,854, -65] Park Hyo Shin's 'Wild Flower' since April 2014

2. [+1,058, -52] Im Chang Jung's song is the best... I've never seen it performed on public broadcast but it was still #1

3. [+1,072, -108] The words long run make me think of 'Wild Flower' and songs like 'Bang Bang Bang', 'Shouldn't Have', 'Up & Down', 'Call Me Baby' etc..

4. [+545, -45] Chang Jung-nim is the best ♥

5. [+390, -39] Hyungnim manages to survive even among idols~ thumbs up

6. [+101, -3] Last year's digital charts were a blood bath.. Big Bang comeback, all those girl groups, SM's back to back releases... amazing how Im Chang Jung and the other rookie groups managed to survive it all.

7. [+144, -20] Amazing considering iKON, Girlfriend, and Twice are all rookies ㅎㅎ Im Chang Jung's amazing too of course

8. [+148, -30] All of the songs are my type~ you're my type~~ ㅎ

9. [+109, -21] I still listen to 'My Type' and 'Me Gustas Tu', jjang songs

10. [+73, -10] Twice, Girlfriend, iKON jjang!!!!!! Rookie groups hitting long run records amidst talented competition because their songs are that good!



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