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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Jessica covers 'Gravity' by Sara Bareilles

Article: "Singer Jessica is back"... 'Gravity' cover video released

Source: TV Report via Nate

1. [+309, -21] Idiot

2. [+296, -18] Is business not doing well.. did your boyfriend tell you to go make money?

3. [+237, -13] Trying so hard ㅡㅡ

4. [+22, -0] Are you out of money now?

5. [+21, -1] Why would you cover a Sara Bareilles song...

6. [+18, -2] No matter what she does, she looks like she's up to something ㅡㅡ

7. [+14, -0] If she's a designer, shouldn't she be releasing designs first? I doubt she has any worth as a solo either without the value of once being an SNSD member

8. [+13, -19] They said on 'War of Words' that Jessica's brand is set up with SM so that SM earns a percentage of the profits (which doesn't cause any problems considering other members are earning their own separate incomes with acting and individual activities too). And all the rumors about her boyfriend being at their film sets were just that, rumors. In the end, I think it was discord within the members. If we're talking scandals here, Hyoyeon had the biggest scandal considering she was at the police station with her boyfriend once. For Jessica to be kicked over something less means that there was discord.

9. [+12, -1] She has so much free time for a businesswoman



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