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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Im Siwan, DO, and Hyeri shine as idol actors

Article: Im Siwan, Do Kyungsoo, Hyeri - actors who shed their idol tag

Source: Segye Ilbo via Naver

1. [+3,078, -195] The character of Duksun is a perfect fit for Hyeri but I think we need to wait and see if she can pull off other roles too..

2. [+2,302, -142] I think it'd be better to wait for Hyeri to play other roles too before saying stuff like this because she might only be doing well now because of the 'Reply' buff. Im Siwan himself is beyond idol level, however.

3. [+2,032, -391] I only agree with Im Siwan...

4. [+1,913, -483] Seems unfair to lump Im Siwan in the same group as Hyeri and Do Kyungsoo..

5. [+317, -42] Im Siwan's pretty much just an actor and Do Kyungsoo has been showing stable acting in his supporting roles. Hyeri got so much hate at first from people assuming she'd be bad but she made Duksun her own ㅜㅜ I love all of them

6. [+319, -60] Im Siwan's a straight up actor, Kyungsoo's quite good, and Hyeri is doing well but we need to wait and see if it's just because her character was the right fit and if she can do other roles

7. [+286, -54] Im Siwan's an actor, DO did well in his psychopath role and will probably be recognized more for his acting talents in a couple more works, and we need to wait and see for Hyeri to try more roles

8. [+129, -17] Im Siwan and Lee Joon have surpassed idol level, Hyeri's pulling off Duksun naturally and DO's acting hasn't warranted any hate. As long as they work hard, I think people will eventually shed the idol bias..



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