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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Huh Gak to be on 'Oh My Baby' with his son

Article: [Exclusive] Huh Gak to guest as special family on 'Oh My Baby' with son

Source: MBN TV via Nate

1. [+471, -76] This guy is trash. He's known as a thug back in Incheon and somehow got popular on a TV show by appealing to people's emotions. He then threw away the girlfriend who stuck by him all this time to get with a new woman and act like a saint on broadcast. It'll all come back to bite him one day~

2. [+320, -43] I really feel bad for his ex-girlfriend when he was on 'Superstar K'. She stuck by him through all of his hardest moments but after he achieved his dream, he went back to his first love. His current wife is also so selfish... she's the one who dumped him when he was going through hard times but only after he became successful and he dumped his current girlfriend for her did she accept him back.

3. [+316, -46] I heard that rumors of him being a thug in Incheon were all true. Rumors said that there are two really well known thugs in Incheon and one of them is Huh Gak ㅜㅜㅜ Anyway, we shouldn't gossip so much about his relationships, not like we know everything that went down between him and her.

4. [+48, -8] I bet the girl he dumped is grateful that she's not with him anymore, imagine getting married to a guy like him

5. [+38, -29] I find the best replies ridiculous. It's not like he forced his ex-girlfriend by the hair to support him, she knew that she'd be publicly supporting him by revealing her face on broadcast. How much of that is he supposed to take responsibility for? And I don't even remember what his girlfriend's face looks like anymore. He has a family to take care of now and with the music industry being dominated by idols, he has to take any opportunity he's given. Who cares who he dated in the past? Is it really fair to judge him now for that?

6. [+29, -12] I honestly did think he was going to marry the girlfriend that supported him when he won 'Superstar K'

7. [+26, -22] People break up all the time, until when is he going to be held to his past relationships? If I were his ex-girlfriend, I would hate the netizens for constantly bringing up a relationship that's years old and pretending to worry about me when they really just want to make me a woman of pity. She's probably living fine now, leave her alone.

8. [+22, -0] I don't know if the rumors about him being a thug are true but I'd rather not see him on broadcast if so

9. [+20, -6] You can tell what kind of person he is by seeing how he treats people on broadcast. He's not as nice as he seems.

10. [+18, -1] There's no smoke without fire... everyone was fooled by his tear jerk story on 'Superstar K' that they glossed over rumors of him being a thug.



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