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Sunday, January 17, 2016

How much longer can the broadcast industry ignore the JYJ law?

Article: The JYJ law remains powerless in front of the two faces of the broadcast industry

Source: Oh My News via Naver

1. [+467, -68] Kyuhyun-ah, you're not sitting on that 'Radio Star' spot as a representative of SM. And next time, let's please get Kim Sung Joo to replace Jun Hyun Moo on MCing gigs.

2. [+334, -29] I wonder how scared SM is of these three that they're going to such lengths... for a company that calls themselves the top agency in the country-

3. [+350, -44] I can already tell what kind of place SM is after seeing Kyuhyun keep his mouth shut on 'Radio Star'...

4. [+317, -38] SM is at the center of everything that has cheapened our culture, those fools

5. [+140, -19] An example that shows that SM is above the law. The broadcast company closed their eyes and ears to the plight of Junsu and his fans. Poor Hani who had to suffer the hateful comments afterwards as well. I hope both Hani and Junsu find strength...

6. [+133, -19] Such a cruel and unfair world the broadcast industry is. SM, I assure you that you won't get very far with how dirty you're playing.

7. [+101, -11] So unfair that he's not able to receive the award at the awards ceremony but he can come collect the trophy... I'm just grateful that they continue to work despite it all.

8. [+99, -8] What a refreshing read. I'm not a fan but I admit this has gone too far. I want a fair world for everyone.


Source: Daum

1. [+1,613, -87] Is SM that powerful that even Kyuhyun chose to stay quiet when he's normally so talkative? I was honestly quite disappointed. I was also disappointed in Jun Hyun Moo's disrespectful statement as well. Did SM threaten to take out of all their artists if they allow JYJ on the shows? Such a backwards way of thinking...

2. [+1,259, -57] The despicable two faces of the industry indeed...

3. [+954, -59] I really am sad to see this team go to waste. It's also a huge loss to the country as well.

4. [+473, -18] It's funny how it's thanks to JYJ that income distribution has improved for singers and working conditions have improved thanks to their lawsuit but the people responsible for these changes have been kept off of broadcast for 7 years. Jaejoong won #1 on a 2015 Japanese Hallyu idol poll despite not having been on Japanese broadcast for 6 years and only one single release in all that time but he remains popular even still. It's sad that a group like this is just being kept locked up by their own country... tsk tsk tsk.

5. [+401, -16] There's a dark force in the broadcast industry that allows them to play above the law

6. [+405, -22] If fans of the artists under SM are going to hate on JYJ, they should first start by giving back all of the benefits their artists are receiving now because of JYJ. I like how they'll easily take all of the improved working conditions without realizing how embarrassing it is for them to be putting down JYJ in the same breath.

7. [+380, -19] I wonder how much SM pays in political support that they're able to get away with completely ignoring the law like this?

8. [+354, -13] Obviously they're all acting like this because they know that they're above the law...



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